Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome to the New Blog!

Hey Y'all!

Well, I decided to move the blog. I have had the old one for 3 years now, and it was time for a change! Blogger is so much easier, just a click and a publish. Besides, I think it is time to turn over a new leaf and let the past go. I had some sad things on my other blog so it was just time. :)

I went to see Sex and The City today, it was great! I really enjoyed it. It was nice to see that they didn't change the formula just because it was a movie. If you were a fan of the series go and check the movie out, you won't be disappointed! Although, I think Zorro was a wee bit upset that I stepped out today, I came home and his blankie and snowman toy were in a big pile in the middle of the living room. Hee, hee..... I would love to have film on that! I think he knows that summer is almost here and he is more than ready to have me home!
I ordered a doggie door for my sliding glass door off of Ebay last week and hopefully will get it installed on Tuesday. I don't know how Zorro and Zoe are going to handle their new found freedom! I think Zoe is going to have to teach Zorro how to use it! Then, we may have trouble on our hands!

Alrighty, I am off to read some for my writing class that I am taking this summer! I am really looking forward to it! It's kind of why I started a new blog too... I will have to blog a lot this summer as part of my class!
:) JKP