Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hey Y'all!

Last week I was asked by someone at school if I could knit up an owl hat. After looking around on the Internets.... I came up with my own pattern. This one was fun to knit and I think it turned out really cute. This is based on Susan B. Anderson's "Hoot Hat." Since I live on the coast of SC... you can forget me walking into a yarn shop and finding this pattern. I made this one up on my own, but I have ordered the actual pattern from an online shop.

Not to be outdone on the cuteness factor.... Pitty Pat had to get in on the action. Bless his heart, he is worn out from barking at all of the rain and our "flood." Luckily the waters receded this morning and I did not need a kayak to get to work. Other neighborhoods were not as lucky.

Alrighty, I am off! The Big Bang Theory is coming on and I can't miss my weekly dose of Sheldon!

:) JKP

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Houston... We are Going to Need an ARK!

Hey Y'all,

This is the current status of my island. Between all of the rain we have been getting plus tropical storm Nicole.....

Please send an ark!!!!!!!
:) JKP

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Goin' Hunting!

Hey Y'all!

Here a two new baby hats I have been working on! One is actually a requested item from our school secretary and the other one I thought I would turn into a girl version!

Have you ever tried to find camouflage yarn? I started out with Bernat Camouflage.. but it just didn't work out right. It wanted to stripe and not camouflage. I completely understand why they discontinued that yarn now. So, I switched over to Red Heart Camo. Even though it is a rougher yarn, the camo pattern was better. I also lined each one of these hats on the inside with fleece so they are more comfy for the baby.

This is just a basic hat recipie that I used. I started the girl one last Wednesday and the boy one last night. Today I lined both of them with fleece and added the fleece on top for the girl version.

Alrighty, off to spend some time with my furry child. He is mad at me because I have been knitting away!

:) JKP

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Girl Walks Into a Dentist's Office.....

Hey Y'all!

Sorry no posting over the weekend, but whew. Saturday night I was munching on a snack and all of the sudden... one of my back teeth just did not feel right. Of course it had broken and I was in a dilemma. I do not like to go to the dentist at all. AT ALL. So all of Sunday I put up with broken tooth, which was painful, until finally Monday morning I could call an office that would take a new patient with a broken tooth. Now I have been down this road before, and it usually leads to oral surgery. However, I hit the jackpot with my new dentist! Monday after school, I sat in his chair and 45 minutes later I was good as new, back in business with all of my teeth! And, let me just add this for good measure... I was STILL numb at 9:00 last night! Since this dentist was very nice to me and did not fuss at me about my teeth, I actually made an appointment to get my teeth cleaned next week. I KNOW. Me! This is terrible, but I don't think I have had my teeth cleaned in about 7 years. Maybe longer. But my last dentist was very mean. And wanted to rob my 401k of its entire contents just to pay him. I know I have some (ok, maybe more than some) cavities, but my new dentist assures me he can take care of me, pain free. He also accepts my Dental Plus plan which pays more than the standard plan, so that is nice.

And while all of this drama was going on.. who should make an appearance, but HURRICANE JULIA! And, not where we thought she would go. That is very typical of a Julia, I promise. So far she seems content in the ocean and is supposed to make a turn and go out to sea. I guess we will have to wait and see! Check out my storm tracker on the right hand side of the blog. You can see Julia's projected forecast there!

Later gators! After being pain free last night, I fell asleep and missed the season finales of The Closer and Rizzoli and Isles. So, I must go and spend some quality time with my DVR tonight.

;) JKP

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is This Baby JULIA????????

Hey Y'all!

Well, lookie loo at what's floating out in the Caribbean. Yup. They think this little storm that formed out of no where.. .with VERY WARM water could possible be the next named storm... which of course is a "J" and the name is JULIA!

This is what the Internets are saying........
"This storm is going to be very scary. It has formed out of nowhere AND there are no obstacles in this forming storms path. The storm looks like it will go straight through the Caribbean Sea, cross over areas of Mexico and or the Panama Canal and eventually end up in the Pacific. It looks like Hurricane Julia is screaming to be let out of her cage. Some of the strongest hurricanes in history have started out on this path."

I guess we will have to wait and see. I am just glad that she is not going to terrorize the East Coast!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Hey Y'all,

Can you believe it? THREE posts in one weekend. I may be sick with fever. We will have to check on that!

I wanted to let you guys in on a fun little thing I have been doing over the summer. Like most folks, I have several Yahoo email accounts to send spam to and one for my knitting business. Pitty Pat also has his own email too... well, he needed one for his Facebook page. Yes, my dog is on Facebook. But, enough about that!

When you have a Yahoo account you can "customize" your page with many different things. Horoscopes, TV times, weather, gossip, etc. One of the applications that I use on my page is called Free Stuff Times. I thought it was time to share with y'all, because I have racked up on the free stuff this summer! So far, I have had awesome samples from philosophy, Origins, and great coupons too. I have also scored magazine subscriptions to Family Circle, Soap Opera Weekly, Harper's Bazzar and Vogue. The best part about it, is that it is totally FREE!

So if you like getting free stuff... check out Free Stuff Times. You can go to their website too. They update with free stuff every few hours. Sometimes it is limited to certain states, but not always. Lots of times it is for free samples and magazine subscriptions. Check it out! You won't be sorry!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ready for Fall TV!!!

Hey Y'all,

I spent a great afternoon at the beach today and feel so much better having some exposure to some Vitamin D! On this last Sunday of summer.. I got to thinking how I am looking forward to the fall shows coming back on TV! I don't watch a lot of shows, and y'all know me, if it is a new show, I won't watch it unless it is a "hit." I hate wasting my time on a show that ends after 7 episodes! I have two exceptions to that rule. I have watched Castle from the beginning and it is my favorite show. It is the one that I have to stay up and watch! And, that is a sacrifice, because it comes on at 10 p.m.! The other show I am looking forward to is Blue Bloods... because well, y'all, Tom Selleck. Need I say more. Here's some clips from the first episode of Castle and Blue Bloods... we all know what I will be watching this fall!

Things don't look so great for Castle!

Tom Selleck is back on TV. All is right in my world. It is the little things that make me happy!

Ok, I am off to do some knitting and to take Pitty Pat for his last walk of the night! Enjoy Labor Day!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Everybody LOVES a Three Day Weekend!

Hey Y'all!

Well, I hope where ever you are, it is nice and sunny! Luckily this week, Myrtle Beach was spared the wrath of Hurricane Earl, and by the looks of it, most folks on the East Coast were spared as well! It was kind of creepy to look at the satellite images on Thursday because EARL was very close to coastal South Carolina. And of course, all of my teacher friends have theories about that is why all of our children were so crazy this week. It was WORSE than a full moon! Pitty Pat was even sillier than normal this week too!

To kick off my three day weekend of peace (as I am calling it) I headed up to the Tanger Outlets in NMB last night. Our school district has changed our dress code a bit, so I am still trying to find "comfortable" but "Julia-ish" shoes AND we are strongly encouraged wear camisoles under our shirts so that we do not show our "cleavage." I have actually enjoyed wearing my camisoles, and I have found that Old Navy has some great ones. I checked out the Old Navy Outlet last night, only to find out that the entire store was 40 percent off! I scored two white camisoles and some PJ bottoms for under 10 bucks. Now, that's my kind of deal! I wandered around the other stores for a bit, but I was really too tired to look for anything other than what I needed.

Here is where I need to insert a confession! This past week I haven't been great about staying on schedule with my medicine for my dizziness and drinking enough water. It is really hard when you are a teacher, because this medicine makes you have to go to the bathroom A LOT. It's a diuretic folks! When you teach 7 year olds... you just can't leave the room and go. So this has made me extra tired this week and boy, pure exhaustion hit me today. I woke up with one of my headaches I get right before the dizziness hits. So, I took my medicine and made a run to the evil empire and Costco to stock up on lots of juice and water. With some help of Tylenol, lots of fluids and lots of rest, I am feeling much better this afternoon. Lesson learned! Pitty Pat has enjoyed having me around the house today as well. He hasn't adjusted to the school schedule yet!

For the rest of the weekend, I hope to get to the beach, but if not I have plenty of books, movies and some knitting to keep me entertained. I have reactiviated my Netflix account, so I just got some new movies yesterday. Besides, I think rest is just what Dr. Pitty Pat ordered!

:) JKP