Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pinching Those Pennies.....

Hey Y'all!

Can you believe that next weekend it is going to be Halloween? Time changes next weekend too, just in case you were wondering!

I closed on my house on Halloween Day 2005. So, I will have lived in my house for 4 years next Saturday. One more year, and it will be a record for me!

Recently, I have had several friends talk about organizing their coupons for when they go shopping. I am a coupon girl myself. I love not having to pay full price for something! I always have a coupon with me for something. I came across this website a few weeks ago that is such a find! It is called Southern Savers. It is written and kept up by several ladies who live in NC, SC and GA. Their goal is to put everyday savings in one place. On the day that the food circulars come out, they comb them for you for the best deals. They also tell you where the best coupons are online and in the stores. This site also tells you how to combine coupons to get free things and earn money back! It has always been a dream of my to buy like $100 of groceries for like $5! With this site, you can!!! They also give you a deal of the day. My deal this week was AWESOME!!
Southern Savers sends out daily emails too, which is how I came across my deal of the day this week. This week if you became a fan of Edible Arrangements on Facebook, then you would be sent a coupon for a free box of chocolate dipped fruit. Y'all, I was all over that! Sure enough, after becoming a fan of Edible Arrangements, the next day my coupon was in my inbox. Was it worth it? I'll let you be the judge!

Oh my yummy goodness! Let's just say that about half of the box is GONE! The chocolate that they use for the dipping is DIVINE. None of this waxy chocolate. This is the GOOD stuff! And, IT WAS FREE!!!!!!!

So, I highly recommend Southern Savers. It really does work!

I'm off for Sunday lunch.... later taters!

:) JKP

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just Barely Keeping My Head Above Water.......

Hey Y'all,

Well at this point there is no denying it... I am OVERWHELMED. With school. With everything. My house is a disaster and I don't know if it will ever be straight again. Next week I have school conferences until 6:00 everyday. I have so much school work to do I don't think I will ever see daylight again.

Not to mention Mr. Paddington is not happy about these recent developments. He has eaten my comforter, my dust ruffle and several of my socks. He is most defintely not pleased.

Here's a video of the sock thief himself.....

Watch out .... your socks may be next!

:) JKP

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mama's Little Helper...

Hey Y'all!

Well, I have completely recovered from my bought with strep throat. I am feeling like my old self! I made it through the week and then took yesterday off for a checkup with my doc. I go back in Wednesday for bloodwork, but so far I seem to be healthy! However, many of my kiddies are not. I had 4 out with the Swine Flu this week. It seems to be contained to one area of the room. I hope it passes quickly!

Paddington turned seven months old last weekend and this week he has been alot of fun. He is still a puppy in many ways, but now he is starting to really grow up! Check out the video of him below. He is trying to help me make the bed! His little personaility is so funny! Everyday he discovers how to do something new!

Today it is sunny and beautiful so I am going to grab a book and go sit on the beach and read for awhile. Tomorrow I am heading to Lake City for a family lunch. My great Aunt Alice is turing 96, so we are coming together to celebrate.
I am off to my happy place.. THE BEACH!
p.s.- Guess what??? Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash is back in stores!! It is true that the holidays must be right around the corner......At least the egg nog has not made an appearance yet. I bet they will start putting it out this week!
:) JKP

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I've Been a Little Under the Weather.. No, Make That a Bus!

Hey Y'all,

Well. If you have been reading my twitter feeds, then you know for much of the last 4 days that I have been too sick to even get off of my sofa! I left school last Friday with a 102 temp and could barely drive. I tested negative for the flu and the "special" flu, but positive for strep. My throat hurt so bad I couldn't even swallow. Mom to the rescue! She took Pitty Pat for the weekend and all I did was sleep and pray that the pain and agony would end. My fever finally broke (even with Tylenol) around 3 a.m. Sunday morning. I am still weak, but I am on the mend. On top of all of this, our third graders had to perform tonight for PTA. So, ready or not, I had to go back to school on Monday. Here's a pic of our third grade team and our principal after our show tonight. Our kiddies did a great job and you can see the relief on our faces!

All of our kiddies had on our SC t-shirts too. Our program was all about South Carolina and its six regions.

Well, I am so tired and I need to put Pitty Pat to bed. He turned 7 months old on Sunday! We are still teething, and losing baby teeth too.

:) JKP