Monday, August 12, 2013

450th POST!

Hey Y'all!

This is my 450th post on this blog! WOW. That's a lot of posts about knitting, crafts and cooking!

It's official... I am done with Graduate Summer School! Check it out....

A's in both classes. I may not have taken a cool vacation this summer, or done anything else but sit in front of my computer.. but I did accomplish something! As soon as grades are finalized and I get can my transcript, I can apply for my new certification for online teaching! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I finished last Wednesday, and then I took a few days to chillax. Not really. I went and worked in my classroom on Wednesday and Thursday. Last Friday I did a wee bit of shopping and Saturday and Sunday I took it easy. I went into school today and finished up my bulletin boards and unpacking. I have a good start. We officially go back to work Wednesday. I am a little sad about it, but I learned so much this summer that I think it will be ok.

While I have had some down time, I have gotten hooked on Homeland on Showtime. I just finished the last episode of season two this afternoon. Wow. Now I have to wait until the end of September to see what happens!

I have also been doing some small knitting. With all of this course work, I haven't had the heart to knit. I did pull out a sock I started A YEAR AGO to get it finished. Sometime soon I will get to the toe decreases and kitchner stitch. Then I can start on its mate!

The furry Pressley is having a hard time with our schedule change. I have been trying to leave for a bit everyday so he gets used to it. Paddington Bear is not happy that summer is just about over.

Alrighty. I am off  to hop in the tub! I am meeting my friends for a "Goodbye to Summer" dinner....
:) JKP