Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just a Little Hello!

Pitty Pat and I took this earlier today.  I thought you guys would enjoy seeing it! And, of course my phone did all of this! Pitty Pat is a wee bit upset he hasn't been on the blog lately!

JKP and Pitty Pat

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Happy Easter!

Hey Y'all!

We just got back from 8 am mass! The Easter Mass is so large here at the beach, that we have to have church in one of the big theatres that they use for shows. It was packed this morning. As we were leaving the 10 o'clockers were coming in. Traffic was insane. We have a few minutes before we need to drive up to North Myrtle Beach to meet Uncle Richard for Easter Lunch. I thought I would take a moment and update the ol' blog!

Yesteday was big. I got a new phone! My Blackberry has been clinging to life for a while, so it was time to get a new phone. I ended up with a Samsung and I love it. It can do so much more that the Blackberry. I can even update this blog right from the phone. Oh yes! The power of technology! I love that the camera can take pictures from front and back. I also downloaded Instagram for some fun pictures. Most of my apps are even better on this phone.

The sun is trying to poke his head out and I sure hope that it warms up today! It has been rather chilly. When we got out from church, it was sprinkling. I would love to have a pretty day today to sit out on the patio to read. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Well, let me run. I hope y'all have a Happy Easter!
:) JKP

Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Hey Y'all!

Whooo, heee! It's Spring Break y'all! :) I had a serious moment on Monday night where I thought I was not going to make it through the rest of the week, but luckily some Edy's ice cream helped that moment! I am off for the next 10 days. No alarm needed. Well, except for Pitty Pat! This morning I have a house to straighten and clean a bit because Mom is coming for a visit. After I straighten up a bit today, I have a few errands to run. Then I am hunkering down for a nap. I am tired people!

Although I may be on spring break.. the weather doesn't know it. It has only been in the 50's all week. It is supposed to warm up into the 60's Sunday and Monday. Then we are plunging back down into the cold again. I am not a fan. But, I am off, so I am not going to complain! During our last cold snap, I casted on a couple of knit hats to keep my ears warm while I walk the Pitty Padster. I have had to frog one of them 3 times, so I am not sure if it is actually going to make it to hatdom or not! Here's what is on the needles....

It appears that I am going through a blue phase right now! The bright blue yarn is trying to become the cabled hat that is on the yarn label. The other piece of knitting is a dropstitch cowl that is going to be quite warm. I found the pattern on Etsy. Also tucked in there you can see the 9th Maggie Sefton book in the Kelly Flynn mystery series. I actually finshed it this week. I am putting off reading the 10th one because the 11th book doesn't come out until June. So I am trying to savor the last book!

One other thing that has really made me happy, happy, happy are these Cafe Cups! Y'all they fit perfectly into the Keurig. I picked mine up at CVS for about $9.  But if you have Extra Care Rewards you can pick them up for even less. In the package you get four Cafe Cups plus a scoop. I really love them because it makes it REALLY easy to use your own coffee in the Keurig. And. Y'all know I still have a ton of my Christmas coffee left! I have the Keurig version of the Cafe Cup, but it is really hard to use. These Cafe Cups are a snap and the coffee grounds don't leak into your cup! This is a true find! Also, it saves you money. One box of K Cups usually runs about $9 to $11. This way, you save all the way around by not having to constantly buy K Cups. This is a great find!

This shows you that the Cafe Cup is the same size as a regular K Cup!
Anyhoo, that is what is going on here! I am off to straighten and run some errands. Have a great day!
:) JKP 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Currently and Movie Reviews!

Hey Y'all!

Two posts this week! I am on a roll! Hee, hee!

This past weekend I got a nice surprise in my mailbox. Every now and then my cable company sends out coupons for free movies to watch On Demand. This is a really nice treat. This past weekend I ran some errands, caught up on the laundry, finished a few knitting projects and then snuggled up with Pitty Pat and caught up on some movies that I haven't had a chance to see. The first movie I watched was the remake of Red Dawn. This movie was very entertaining and a wee bit hard to watch, given the current situation with North Korea. Overall, it was a very entertaining movie, but I am glad that I watched it for free. I give it a B-. The first Red Dawn will always remain a favorite with me! The second movie I watched was Playing for Keeps. This was an entertaining movie as well, but it was not very deep or funny for that matter. I am just glad that I didn't spend that hour in a half in a movie theatre. I give that one a C+. It wasn't terrible, but it could have been a little better. I am really looking forward to this weekend because it looks as if the really good movies are getting ready to hit the big screen. I can't wait to check out Olympus Has Fallen (SQUEEE! Action! Adventure!) and Admission with Tina Fey. They both look great and they are on the agenda for this weekend's entertainment! :) I'll do a review on both when I see them!

On the knitting front I am working on a cowl and trying to get it finished before the weekend. Our warm, balmy weather has disappeared and we are back to the cold, dreary winter. The next few nights are supposed to be BELOW freezing. That is not what I want to hear or feel. I really want to swap out my winter clothes for my colorful spring and summer clothes! I guess I will have to wait a few weeks on that! Also. I am currently obsessed with wanting to knit this sweater. I am not sure if I am brave enough to do it. But, I am pondering it! I bought the pattern..... :)

I also finished the 8th book in Maggie Sefton's knitting series. I need to slow down! I only have two more left. :)

And finally, only 20 days late.. here is this month's Currently thanks to Farley.

Yes, you read that right. I have lost my mind and signed up for a graduate class this summer. I have another one I need to take, but I am not sure that is in the budget for this summer. But. I will be taking a class in Summer 1. Lord. Help. Me! Also the last three... what do you like right now... I have an awesome new pair of Orthaheel flippies for the Spring/Summer... I am loving my LIME GREEN new Adirondack chair I got for my back patio on Sunday AND I am HATING that the COLD weather has come back for a visit.

So that is what is going on here. I am off to take a bath and chillax with some hot cocoa. Thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday!

:) JKP

Monday, March 18, 2013

March Madness

Hey Y'all!

Do you remember me? I hope so! Things have been pretty hectic in my part of the world and I have also been fighting with some SERIOUS exhaustion. So most of the time, a nap wins out over updating the blog! I am eight days shy of my spring break and I am so ready for it! The warm weather is visiting us for a wee bit and I have enjoyed getting out in the sun and taking Pitty Pat for plenty of walks. He likes it too! I don't do well in cold weather and this winter has been lots and lots of cold weather. Over the next few days we are supposed to go back to cold weather and I am not looking forward to it. I am ready to pull out my spring clothes and shorts!

I have also been doing quite a bit of reading since it has been so chilly. Right after Christmas I got addicted to Maggie Sefton's knitting mysteries that take place around a knitting store. In each new book there is a murder mystery and lots of knitting talk too. I am on the 8th book in the 10 book series. I am not sure what I am going to do when I finish them. It has taken up many nights! But they are great little reads and I can read one in two or three days.

In health news, I met with my general doctor last Friday. I had some bloodwork done recently and he wanted to go over it with me. I was really worried about my results. It turns out my cholesterol is looking good and I am in good shape overall. I am still very anemic, but that is never going to change. My SED rate is high, but with Crohn's that is to be expected. I am going to have to make a trip to Charleston soon because I am having some issues. I am just thankful I don't have to change the way I eat! That would be really hard for me since there is so much I can't eat! I am very relieved that waiting for those results is over! I still have to come home and take at least an hour or two nap every afternoon after school. But, if that what helps, then I am going to stick with it!

I have been very busy on the knitting front. Since the beginning of the year I have made several hats, cowls and I am even starting a sweater! Right now, big, fat, fluffy yarns are holding my attention because they are so quick to knit with. I just love casting on for a cowl one night and wearing it the next day. That's my kind of knitting! Here's a cute little hat that I like to call "Pom, Pom Goodness!"

One exciting thing that has happened since my last post was WE SAW SNOW! Pitty Pat and I were very excited! I love snow. The last time we had a good snow here at the beach was when Pitty Pat was a puppy. This time he really enjoyed getting out in it! It was so relaxing to watch the big, fat snow flakes fall. I wish I lived part of the year where it snowed, just a little bit!

The other exciting thing that happened is PITTY PAT TURNED FOUR! My baby is four. He had a great birthday. I gave him a squeaky cupcake for one of his prezzies. It lasted all of 5 minutes. But, at least it was a cute photo op!

Over Pitty Pat's birthday weekend, we had our annual Girl's Weekend Spring Palooza. This year was very different in that one of my friends could not make it AND since I had really been feeling run down, I didn't cook. But, we still shopped until we dropped! While we were out I stumbled upon a WALL OF PITTY PATS!!! Take a look....

It was quite a sight! I had to pick one up to make sure it wasn't the REAL thing!

I am still doing my thrifting thing and I have found lots of cute stuff. Since the weather is *hopefully* about to change I am kind of taking a break from it. I have really enjoyed spending our few warm Saturday's outside with a good book or knitting. I can't wait until it is warm enough to go to the beach!

One last cool thing.... in my last post in February  I was attending a technology workshop. During the workshop I learned about a free website builder and hosting service. Weebly is a very easy site that helps you build a professional looking website and hosting is free. I am in the process of building a website of all of my knits. I can't wait until it is ready to publish.. maybe in the next few weeks. I hope over spring break I can get it up and running.

Well, let me run. My Monday night shows are getting ready to come on. I have a feeling I won't make it through Castle tonight... tomorrow is my early morning duty day. Come on spring break!

:) JKP