Monday, February 18, 2013


Hey Y'all!
I am in an inservice today and I am learning some cool new things! I am currently playing around with Jing. Here's my practice picture..... Pitty Pat!

Hee, hee!
I will be back later with an actual post!
Things have been crazy, but good.
:) JKP

Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Wanna Be a Cowl Girl.....

Hey Y'all!

Wow. These past few weeks have been a HUMDINGER. How about for y'all? Let's just say I am more than ready for summer breezes, flip flops on my feet and summer freedom. Yes. I know it is only the beginning of February. But, sometimes you need a little light at the end of the tunnel!

To help me get through the doldrums until Spring, I have been knitting. Mainly cowls, because they are easy mindless TV and movie knitting. In my last post I showed you a picture of the Three Hour Cowl. I enjoyed making that one so much, that as soon as it was off of the needles, I casted on for another one! This new cowl was knitted in cotton yarn too. The colorway is Moondance. I just love that name. It made me feel very calm while I was knitting it! I made this one a little bit longer than my first one.

Recently I have come across a few new knitting blogs that I have enjoyed reading. One of them is by Fiber Flux. She has a great blog and I just love her free and easy knit patterns. Most of the the yarns she uses in her patterns I already have somewhere in my stash. Friday night during Blue Bloods I casted on the Spice Cowl. After knitting a few rounds I called it a night. Then during an encore presentation of Necessary Roughness on Saturday morning I finished the cowl. It was such an easy and fast knit. It is really just a four row repeat. Add in a chunky yarn and size 15 needles and BAM. You have a cowl!

Yesterday I visited some of my favorite thrifting spots and scored some cute things! Today I lucked out at Goodwill and came across a precious set of Correlle Ware. I'll post some pics tomorrow of my finds.

I have some Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos in the Crockpot and it's dinner time. I am not much of a Super Bowl person unless I like a team in the game. This year Pitty Pat and I are going to watch a movie instead of the game. Although, we did catch the Puppy Bowl earlier today! It was precious!

I hope y'all have a good Monday!
:) JKP