Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yummy Knitty Goodness

Hey Y'all...

Well, as an effort not to scratch this weekend, I have been knitting up a storm and finishing some knits that I started this summer. Let's take a peek, shall we!

This is a great baby shower gift! It's a duck cake! It is made up of two knitted dishcloths and one long knitted burp cloth. Very useful!

This is pattern that I made up myself for an ice cream hat. We all scream for ice cream!

This is a watermelon hat that while I was knitting it, all I could think about was eating yummy watermelon!
Finally, this is what I made this weekend. This is for one of our first grade teachers who is expecting a girl in October. I am going to make some finger mitts and booties to complete the gift, but I couldn't wait to show you the hat!

Anyhoo, that is what I have been up to! I am off to grab some lunch and chill out for the rest of the afternoon!
:) JKP

Saturday, August 28, 2010

With an Itch, Itch here and an Itch, Itch There...

Hey Y'all,

Well I have survived my first 5 days of school. And just guess what happened to pop up on day 5? HIVES. Again. I don't know if it is something in the school building or what, but I have been hive free ALL summer. 5 days back and I am covered. I am taking lots for the hives, but they are still spreading. I am covered. Oh. MY.

To keep myself from scratching all of my itchy, itchy spots I am actually doing some knitting! That keeps my hands busy and takes my mind of being itchy. We have several teachers on my hall who are expecting in the next few months, so I thought I would get their baby shower gifts out of the way. The worst time with my hives really is at night. I woke up today at 3 a.m. itching. So. Not. Fun. I haven't changed anything that I have been eating and I am using the same box of detergent that I have had all summer. Nothing has changed but school. So there you go.

Have you been keeping up with the tropics? I have and boy are they busy! They keep saying that Earl is going to leave us alone, and I sure hope that is true! I would kind of like to make it to the "J" name this year. Just to have a tropical storm Julia. Although, if she takes after her namesake, we better batten down the hatches. :)

Pitty Pat is doing great and I have had a fun week telling my second graders all about Pitty Pat and his daily antics. I even shared the story Paddington Bear with them so they know how I came up with Pitty Pat's name. He's not entirely happy that I am not home all day anymore, but on days like today, it makes up for it.

Alrighty, I am going to try and partake in a Saturday afternoon nap. Itch. Itch.
:) JKP

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey, Hey, Hey!!!

Howdy Y'all!

Well, I took a mini vacay... and ended up taking a longer one from the blog too! At the end of July Pitty Pat and I took off on an "off the grid" vacay and just took it easy. When we came back, I had to return to work... and I have literally been working 12 to 15 hour days getting my classroom ready. I had to attend so many meetings, that I never really got a full day just to work in my room. This past Thursday we had our Open House and I met my 23 munchkins. They are just adorable and I think that this is going to be a fun year in second grade.

Tonight I am full of first day of school butterflies.. which always ends up with me not sleeping the night before the first big day! I have my plans ready to roll for all of next week and I am organized and ready to go. My clothes are laid out and my lunch is packed. Cross your fingers for a stress free day tomorrow!
:) Julia