Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finally a Few Days Off...

Hi Y'all!

Well, it felt really wierd this morning not getting up for class! Zorro was a little bit confused too! Zoe arrived at our house about 8:30 so we all just went back to bed for a little while! I took Zorro and Zoe to the groomer today and they look just precious! If I can get them to stop rubbing on the furniture for a second (they ALWAYS do this when they get back from the groomer. I think they are trying to rub off the doggie perfume!) I will grab a picture. They are both kinda pooped right now!

Today I went out and about to try and get some things together for school. I don't really have to buy alot, not like I did when I taught 1st grade, but I still need notebooks, pencils, paper and folders for the kids to keep journals. Our tax weekend in South Carolina starts tomorrow, and I can't stand being out in the crowds. No thank you! So I thought I would go out today. Well, I can tell you this.. retailers must mark stuff UP for tax free weeked so they can make money! Everything I went to buy today was over a dollar and I usually pay 20 cents for my notebooks and 10 cents for my folders! So I guess with the economy in such bad shape, retailers are trying to hold on to the last minute to make a buck. Oh well. At least I know they mark everything down in a week or two anyway. And the crowds will be alot less!

I have enjoyed my day today though. I really didn't get anything accomplished, other than unloading the dishwasher, and trust me, that's a biggie for me! I hate to do that! It is extremely hot right now, so the doggies won't get a walk until later on.

Also, as promised.. here is another installment of "My Secret Selves." This one is Trixie...
If you don't know what this is about, make sure and read "My 5 Secret Selves" entry to get you up to speed!

Trixie moved about her London flat in her hurried manner. Her short bobbed hair landed sleekly against her face, occasionally getting stuck in her long silver earrings. She silently begins tapping her pedicured foot as she waits for the espresso machine to spurt forth is caffeinated concoction.

As she is waiting, Trixie takes the time to examine her hands. She decides that her long fingers are helpless; the skin around her fingernails has been picked and chewed until her cuticles were no longer visible. Absent mindedly her eyes glance over the faint line on her left ring finger that is slowly disappearing day by day. Thoughts start to fill her head, but she quickly slides them back into a compartment of her heart, seals them off and hopes she doesn’t have to deal with them later.

Lost in thought, she is suddenly brought back to the present by her iphone buzzing with expectation. Whatever it was, it was going to have to wait. She needed gulps of caffeine before she could be bothered with the world outside of her flat. The truth was, Trixie was far to wired for too much caffeine, but her hectic work schedule- late nights and constant travel made her morning ritual one of her only vices.

As she began sipping her morning magic, her iphone began more of its baritone buzzing. Simultaneously her computer made the chiming noise indicating that she had a new email. She decided that both of her lifelines must be in cahoots today. As she padded over to her computer desk, she stopped for a moment and observed the dreary London day before her. Big Ben was hardly visible through the mass of fog and rain that was rolling in. She made a silent note to herself that her Jimmy Choos would be staying in her closet today.

I'll post some more writing tomorrow. Stay cool and enjoy what is left of the summer! I can't believe that tomorrow is August 1st!!!
:) JKP

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Got an A on My Report Card.......

Hi Y'all!

Well, my writing class officially ended today! I am really kind of sad about it though. I really enjoyed the class and made some great friends over the past few weeks. Our class isn't entirely over.. we have a meeting in September, a retreat in October at the Cypress Inn and a mini Conference in November. So I will have that to look forward too! One of the things that I am going to miss the most is the wonderful writing time that we had everyday. I just hope I don't loose all of my creativity when school starts. School has a way of just sucking EVERYTHING out of you!

I have really enjoyed writing several fiction pieces over the past few weeks. For our final project (that is where I have been since Sunday, working on the final project!) we had to put together a portfolio or scrapbook with all of our writing that was bound together by a theme. My theme was "Throught the Looking Glass" Snippets of Julia's life. I included some poems, a fiction story about "When Zorro met Zoe...", and of course... my secret selves!!! As promised.. here is another one of my secret selves.. Antonia.


Antonia stands at her kitchen sink absent mindedly washing of the basil. As her rough hands move down the leaves, she momentarily loses herself in her thoughts. Italy. Cooking classes. Three whole weeks. Heaven. Antonia didn’t know how she was going to manage it, but she new in her soul that she had to try. She longed for an adventure that was hers.

Wiping her hands on her apron, Antonia worked quickly to chop the basil she was using in tonight’s pesto dish. Antonia prided herself on using fresh herbs and vegetables in her cooking whenever possible. Her grandmother often told her how fresh ingredients often improved any dish. How she missed her Nonna these days. She learned to cook from her, the lessons in Italian starting when Antonia was so small she had to stand on a stack of cookbooks to see her grandmother in action. Antonia was a lot like her Nonna. She had the same small hands and dark piercing eyes. She had long, dark, coarse curly hair. To manage it she often wore it in a single braid down her back. Antonia had one distinguishing feature that set her apart from her ancestors. She had a long grey widow’s peak that parted her hair straight down the middle. The widow’s peak appeared almost over night when she was 10. Incidentally, that was the same year that her cooking skills seemed to take on their magical quality. Antonia could vaguely remember the whispers about a family curse and her widow’s peak circulating when she was a child. She had already decided to check out this piece of family history when she got to Italy. Surely someone in the old village would know about it.

Antonia began to focus on her meal. Tonight she was cooking for 15. She loved the sound of family and friends around her dinner table. She loved the lively conversation and then the inevitable lull that fell into place when bellies became sated with her intoxicating food.

Last night we had a farewell party for our class at the beach. We had a wonderful supper and then a fantastic ceremony in which we all celebrated the authors we had become. We took a long walk on the beach, and I tell you, last night was the best sleep I have had in a LONG time. It's funny what a little ocean air will do for you!

Tomorrow Zoe and Zorro are going to the doggie spa... I wish I could go to the human spa!!
:) JKP

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Movie Review Sunday!

Hey Y'all!

Well, something odd happened around here this weekend. Oh, no.. no more bears. I actually went to see two movies. Folks, that is something that hasn't happened in a while! Of course, I knew that on July 25th I was going to be in a movie theatre watching The X-Files.. I mean any true die hard fan was. Let's just say... and I won't spoil it for you... but the movie lacked certain X-Files plot elements that I like to have. There are no aliens in this movie (unlike the first one) and to me, that really is what makes the X-Files, the X-Files. This was more like one of their monster episodes. Yes it is gory, and quite gross... but I'll take aliens any day. I think if I wasn't so overjoyed to actually see Mulder and Scully on screen again, I might not have really liked the movie. But, because they were back and working a case it was fine. But, I do have to say.. they have had forever to make this movie and this is the best they could come up with? Do stay until the last credit has rolled, there is a surprise.

The other movie I went to see this weekend (we had very cloudy skies this weekend, I finally got some sun today) was Mama Mia. This is a great Saturday afternoon film. It is light, fluffy and you will find yourself tapping your toes to all of the ABBA tunes too. I never knew Colin Firth could sing, though... so go see this if you want to be in a good mood afterwards. Also, if you are sitting in the movie and you think Sophie looks familiar.. she does. She was in Mean Girls. I had a hard time focusing on her character after I remembered she was the not so bright Karen in Mean Girls. It was hard to take her seriously from that point on! But you will enjoy the movie!

Alrighty.. I am still working on my big writing project that is due Tuesday. I've gotten a little more written. Zorro does not like me sitting here on the sofa working. I think he has secret plans for the laptop later. Oh, no... we may have our own "X-File" around here tomorrow!
:) JKP

Friday, July 25, 2008

I've Been Writing...Run for Your Lives!

Hey Y'all!

Well, today I have been working on my project for my writing class that is due next week. I thought that I was going to work on my "secret selves" vignettes... however, another idea popped in my head! During our first week of class, we studied Memoir and different ways of writing memoir. On of the ways we explored was creating an "Where I'm From" poem. This is based on Georgia Ella Lyon's own poem. This is a technique often used in writing classes. Well, below is my attempt. I have re-written this several times, and each time I tried to focus it on me and my childhood, it kept coming back to my family. So this is a tribute to my grandaddy and his brother's and sisters... because that is what came out today!

Where I'm From..
I’m from olive trees buried deep in Lebanon
Its branches reaching across entire oceans

I’m from a family full of folklore and tall tales
Cheered by characters that still live on today

I’m from Alice’s stuffed squash and kibbeh
Baklava that is chewy and sweet

I’m from the long lens of Abe’s camera
Its telescopic glass catching snippets of time

I’m from hair dye, pink curlers and beauty advice
All dispensed with Evelyn’s flair

I’m from George, the honorable judge of the law
family historian
Who guards memories in a thousand scrapbooks

I’m from Joseph, who the second war took too soon
The warrior pilot who fought through hostile skies

I’m from two sisters and three brothers
Vessels of our family tree
Deep roots that spread wide
I’m from Thomy

Summer 2008
So there you go! I also took some time and went to see the X-Files movie today. I will give my review tomorrow. As usual... Zorro wants to go on a bear hunt!
:) JKP

Thursday, July 24, 2008

5 Secret Selves of Julia....

Hey Y'all!

Ok, probably from that title, you think maybe I am experiencing some psychotic break with reality. I promise you, I am really not. "We promise you she's really not!" say the voices in my head!

Hee, Hee.... Ok, no, but really. Y'all know that I am taking a writing course this summer and I have posted some writing on this here blog already. This week in class we dove really deep into fiction writing and character development. Character development is hard for a lot of folks, but apparently for me, it makes me want to write, like all of the time! One of the activities that we did in class this week, to help us prepare for a walk down character lane, was to come up with 5 personalities that are pieces of our true personalities. They are actually called "secret selves" and contain hidden bits of your true self. Well, y'all, I am not going to lie. My characters are about to kill me to get written. One of them wouldn't let me sleep last night until she was pristine in my writer's notebook. Yes.. she's the OCD one! So I thought I would share a little glimpse of my "secret selves" here. I have a big ol' project due next week and my hope is this weekend that I can get vignettes written about all of these characters to put in my project. I already have 3 done. When they are polished, I will post them here for you to read. So far, they are writing themselves! I just hope the other two let me get some sleep tonight!
Alrighty.. so here we go!

Julia's 5 Secret Selves
Antonia- she is a wonderful Italian cook and loves to make big meals. She loves pasta, wine and good times with friends. She longs to go to Italy for an extended stay and take a cooking class.

Penelope- she loves to do yoga and she loves to shop at Anthropologie. She only eats organic fruits and vegetables. She is a vegetarian and leads a "green" lifestyle. She, of course, is on a waiting list for a Prius.

Trixie- she is a Mini-Cooper driving, expat who lives in London. She has to have all of her techie gadets with her at all times. She loves to meet friends at the local pub and grab a pint. She absolutely loves living in London.

Skye- she is an animal lover to the extreme. She supports animal rights and has several animals of her own. She is a foster Mom for several stray animals.

Angora- she is OCD obsessed. Everything has its place and nothing is out of order in her house or her life. She must always have a plan. Nothing can ever deviate from "the plan." Everthing must be spotless at all times and there is no room for mistakes. Angora is also the owner of an organizing business.

So those are my girls. A little bit of me is in each one, but I'm not going to tell you what! Of course, if you know me... well, it's not that hard. Anyway, enjoy and I'll try and post their updates as I finish them this weekend. Zorro really wants another walk.. so I'm out the door.
:) JKP

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dude, We've Got BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Y'all,

Well I am feeling much better and today I actually ate solid food! Yippeee!!! I am telling you that was the stomach virus to end all stomach viruses!!!


We have had some wildlife excitement around the house! Yesterday, I came home from class, and I still wasn't feeling great. I pulled my car into the garage and went in the house. I opened the front door to walk out and check the mail. Zorro loves to help me check the mail, but yesterday when we got outside he started acting WIERD. Well, more than Zorro "wierd." He started sniffing the cement on the driveway and scratching his paws on the ground. That is when I spied these rather large boogers!!!

Just in case you are not from Horry County... folks, those are BEAR TRACKS! ON MY DRIVEWAY!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!! At first I thought maybe it was a rather large dog, but no. On closer inspection.. I saw the claws.

Horry County does have a rather large black bear population and with all of the construction lately, the bears have been driven into subdivisions. I didn't notice anything that was in disarray, and my herbie curbie (trash cart) was left untouched. My house backs up to woods, so I think he or she, or hopefully Winnie the Pooh was just taking a short cut. I had all of the neighbors over last night and we were in full inspection mode.

Zorro says he will stand guard from now on.

So that is the excitement in these parts. I hope I don't see anymore of those tracks! I am off to make some apple dip for a dinner party I am attending tonight. Have a good one! And if you know of any tricks to keep bears away.... LET ME KNOW!!!

:) JKP

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Think I Will Rejoin the Human Race Now....

Hey Y'all!

Well... I'm back from my summer vacation stomach bug. It is the stomach bug that wouldn't die! I just read my last post and realized I put in there that I came down with it Thursday, but it actually hit me Wednesday night. Sure enough, I finished my blog post, took a bath and the throw ups started. By Friday night I thought I was better, but NO!!!! I got hit with round 2 Friday night. I spent most of yesterday on the sofa with Zorro licking my head. Oh, and shall I mention that Zorro decided to lay on my head, but he had a case of gas? Maybe it was sympathy gas. Oh well. That started a whole new wave of nausea!

Today I woke up and felt much better. I showered and got dressed, so that was a big bonus. After being in the house for 3 days, I decided I needed to get out for a while and went and visited with a friend. I am still really tired, but no longer feel the yucky way I was.

The other event that we had this weekend was a visit from a tropical friend, Cristobal. OK, I must admit that I slept through much of the drama, but there really wasn't any. I went to sleep at noon yesterday, woke up at 5 and he was a tropical storm. We had a few "quick" showers, but that was all he wrote. So we were very lucky!

Alright, I have to get things in order for class tomorrow. I think I am going to put off making my lunch until the morning.... I just want to make sure my tummy is good to go for solid food!

I'm off to get ready for Army Wives!

:) JKP

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Stomach Bug.... YUCK!

Hey Y'all,

Well, we have had this stomach bug going around our writing class for a week now. Take a gander and guess who came down with it Thursday night... as in the night before my presentation? Yes, me.

I made it through my presentation without barfing which was a major feat. Yesterday I survived off of saltines and ginger ale. Since today is Friday and we don't have class, I am taking it easy. I still feel queasy and I don't want to eat anything. Sometimes this bug lasts a day and sometimes longer. Zorro is just glad to have me home!

I plan on spending the rest of the day taking it easy and catching up on stuff on the DVR.

:) JKP

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Firefly Summers

Hey Y'all,

Ok, so I am making up for not posting for a few days by posting twice today! I finished my presentation for tomorrow and even got a little bit of writing polished off for my response group lunch meeting for my writing class. As promised, I am going to share a little bit of this memoir on my blog. Enjoy and don't be to critical!

Firefly Summers

When I was little, I couldn’t wait for the sun to go to bed. During the summer, the sun always went to bed before I did. Because, after the sun set after yet another day, something magical happened in the backyard. The long steep steps from the back porch took on a truth or dare element. Did you dare go down the stairs, past “the door”, the one that led under the house? If you were brave enough to make it past the stairs and into the yard, there was the spooky eeriness of the clothesline that no longer ceased to exist. Clothes simply floated in the air with no sense of gravity, taking on the shapes of the unknown monsters that surely lurked somewhere in the yard full of dark.

If you were quiet enough during this time, well as quiet as you could be with the frogs bellowing and crickets taunting you with their chorus full chirps, a quiet happening would begin. Fireflies would embark on their peek-a-boo dance in the air. It was mesmerizing to watch them fly about with their secret Morse Code messages directing them. I always wanted to catch a few and take them back to the house with me to light up my room. But my little heart knew that they would not survive long. So I would sit there, in the yard, night after night watching their show.

As I grew older, I didn’t make it out as much to check out the nocturnal dances. But once in a while, a swift thought or memory would remind me of the summer nights of my childhood. Before long I would find myself descending the truth or dare stairs to watch and wonder, this time through much older eyes.

CAWP Summer 2008

The Tropics Are Hot, Hot, Hot!

Hey Y'all!

Wow, I think this is the longest I have gone without posting on this new blog! I am so sorry, but my writing class is keeping me busy, busy, busy. I am giving a presentation tomorrow on Conversation Journals (also known as Dialogue Journals) that I use in my classroom. I have been working on my presentation for a while, I have had to scan lots of student work. So after sitting in class and then coming home and working on my presentation I have been tired. Not to mention Zorro and Zoe giving me the stink eye every afternoon because it is raining and we can't go on our walk! Horrors!!!

Not alot is going on, we had a visiting author this week in writing class. I saw and learned alot and had alot of fun. Tomorrow is our last day for this week and I am glad! I have some new movies from Netflix I want to watch and I have to start focusing on my final project.

Have you checked out the tropics lately? It looks like they are heating up! It seems like since Bertha formed... the tropics are the place to be. Right now there are 3 things floating out in the Atlantic that look interesting. We will have to wait and see!

Well, I need to go and put the spit polish on my presentation and then I am going to watch Penelope!

:) JKP

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

There's Knitting Afoot Folks.....

Hey Y'all!

Well, since this is supposed to be a blog that has "some" knitting content, I figured I better make the knitting sticks start moving. I've taken a little break from knitting, which I have found is not really healthy for me. I am one of those folks who needs knitting to keep my sanity. It helps me think straight and mull things over as I am knitting continuous stitches. I decided that I had some burn out, and I needed to go back to the basics. No frills knitting, the kind that has no deadline and no immediate intended recipient. I am just knitting for fun. And, boy has the joy come back! I think I got to the point where I had all of these huge projects going on and I really stressed myself out by picking elaborate projects. I forgot that I find my peace in knitting when it is repetitive and I can stop and start as needed. Also, the stress of knitting for other folks under a deadline has not been fun. Sometimes I wonder, do folks really appreciate it when you knit them stuff, or does it just sit in their closet? So for now... It's all about me!!

I was so stressed last Friday, that I grabbed some yarn that I had laying around and immediately started on a diagonal scarf. This is a fun thing to make that requires little thought process once you have gotten the pattern down and makes great movie knitting. Here is Zorro modeling not only the partial scarf, but his summer do' too!

Next up we have the Ball Band Dishcloth of Mason Dixon fame. This is a fun knit. Yes, looks difficult, but it's really not. It is really cool to see all of the blocks of color come together.

Finally we have the Sunday Market Shawl... an intended Mother's Day gift for Mom. I have revoked all deadlines... and she will get it when she gets it.

Today was also day 2 of my writing class. It was fun, although today I seemed to sift through a lot of memories that weren't so great. We did a few quick writes off of a picture from our childhood. Mine, while it was a cute picture, did not bring back great memories. I did work on a great piece about catching fireflies in the summer though. When it's polished, maybe it will make its way here to the blog!
Well, Zoe is staying with us tonight and both Zorro and Zoe are demanding walks RIGHTNOW! So let me run!
:) JKP

Monday, July 7, 2008

First Day of Class...

Hey Y'all!

Today was my first "official" class for the Coastal Area Writing Project. Today was a lot of fun, and we got a lot of writing done. We had several "quick writes" that lasted about 3 minutes and one longer write as well. We read some different texts that had to do with writing a memoir. This is our focus this week. If I get brave I will post some of my writing from class on my blog. We will see! So far a lot of my memoir has been when I lived with my Uncle Richard when I was little. I also jotted some notes about Zorro too! We also have a class blog, which hasn't been updated to show today's progress, but you can check the CAWP Blog here. Basically this class I am taking is through the National Writing Project. It educates teachers how to become better writers, through mentor texts and guest authors. Then we go and share our "knowledge" with our students. There are several writing projects going on all across the United States right now. It is really neat to be apart of something this big.

Zorro coped well today while I was gone. Zoe hung out with him today, so he had a playmate. Although, when Mom came by to check on the munchkins at lunch, they both REFUSED to go out the doggie door. However, when I came home, out they went without a problem. I told Mom they were playing her. Hee, hee! Zorro got in two walks today, and one was a long one. He has also rediscovered the arm of our sofa. He has been perched there like an owl for most of the day. I think since I cleaned the sofa with the carpet machine, he has a whole new appreciation for it!!!

Well I am off to enjoy a little bit of ice cream and to start a new book!

p.s. Don't forget to keep checking on Bertha's progress. At last check she was a category 3. We still seem to be safe in the Myrtle Beach area though!! Look out Bermuda!
:) JKP

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Backpack is Packed....

Hi Y'all!

Tomorrow is the first day of my writing class and I am so excited! I have finished all of my reading, but I haven't been that great about writing in my Writer's Notebook. I am hoping that will change once class starts tomorrow! My bag is packed with snacks and everything. The hard part is going to be leaving Zorro at home. I have been with him so much this past week, I think he is going to have a hard time in the morning. I have invited Zoe over for a playdate tomorrow, so I hope that will make Zorro's transition a little bit easier!

We had a great 4th and yesterday continued our cleaning spree! I was able to borrow a carpet cleaner from one of the nice ladies in Mom's office, so our carpet and our sofa are now spic and span too! Zorro did not like the carpet cleaner..... he hid under the bed! It was nice to get some spots out of the carpet that have been taunting me!

Currently it is sunny outside and storming everywhere else in the state, so I hope Zorro and I can get a walk in soon. We have been taking 3 walks a day, which is good for him. I hope we can keep it up once my class starts! Also, we have been monitoring the progress of Tropical Storm Bertha. It looks like we are going to be OK, but they seem to change her path everyday. I think she is going to go off in the sea and leave us alone. If not, she is going to have Zorro and Zoe to deal with! One of my students from this year emailed me over the weekend in a panic. He checked ahead for the 2010 names for hurricanes and lo and behold, there is a Julia! He was in a panic because his family just moved to Charleston. All I have to say about that folks, is batten down the hatches. She will be a 5!!!!!!


Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th Of July Everyone!!

Hi Y'all!

I absolutely LOVE the 4th of July. It is one of my very favorite holidays. I guess you could call me a history buff, but I love all that the 4th of July stands for. Love of Country. The Red, White and Blue. I love it. I think I also enjoy it because it is warm and everyone is so laid back. No presents to buy, no grand feast to prepare. All you need is a grill, some meat, some corn, watermelon, ice cream and fireworks. That is my kind of holiday! I am heading to a B-B- Q later on this afternoon. I can't eat BBQ yet, but I think I will partake with some potato salad and some baked beans. I am bringing a Key Lime pie. Now, don't get your hopes up, this one is from Costco, and boy is it yummy! It's to hot to entertain any thoughts of putting my kitchen to good use!

Last night a friend and I went to eat at Chili's. I love to eat here, but many folks don't. I had a gift card that I have been meaning to use and I tried something very yummy to the tummy! I couldn't eat it all, but next time you go you have to try the Buffalo Chicken Fajitas. Yumo-O! It is kind of like buffalo chicken with blue cheese. I am a lover of all things blue cheese! These fajitas were great! We followed up our dinner with the White Chocolate Molten Cake. You must try this. There are not enough words or adjectives to describe how yummy this was! Good thing I was able to share it! My tummy was very full, but very happy.

Enjoy the rest of the 4th! Eat lots of hamburgers for me!
:) JKP

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Got A Little Wild With My Mr. Clean Eraser....

Hey Y'all,

Well, as promised, "Operation Clean House for Summer" or I should say "Operation OCD" commenced yesterday. My floors are gleaming, my bathrooms shine and my baseboards are something to be marveled over. All thanks to a box of Mr. Clean erasers, some Spic and Span and a mop. Oh, those tools of the OCD trade! And, not to mention that I can hardly move today. But, Zorro appreciates the effort. Our house is spotless, our laundry is done and now I can safely sit on the sofa and not obsess over what a mess I think our house is. Zorro put in his two cents today while I was out to lunch. When I came back, every single pillow in the living room was in the middle of the living room. So much for peace and order! Hee, Hee!

A little on the scary side, I had my first "first day of school" nightmare this morning. Every teacher has this, although, it is normally close to August when I have the first one. This morning's nightmare included mean children, me unprepared and unable to locate anything for the first day of school! We haven't even been out of school for a month yet and I am already having first day of school dreams. It's a little like the dreams where you show up somewhere naked, except these are 10 times worse. I must have really worn myself out yesterday with all of my cleaning... or I breathed in too many fumes! Let's just say, I am glad it was a dream and I am back in Kansas.

Alrighty, Zorro and I are going to settle in for our afternoon nap and then get some sewing done. I think Zorro has an ear infection brewing, so I started him on his ear drops today. He was shaking his head every 5 minutes yesterday, so I knew it was either allergies or an ear infection. I think the infection won out. He seems to be feeling better since I gave him his drops. Or maybe he is glad that I'm no longer cleaning!
:) JKP

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Hey Y'all..
I just found a Netflix widget that I like! So edit the last post, and check out the new widget! I am finally getting off of the computer to clean house!!
:) JKP

I Think That Today is Tuesday...

Hey Y'all,

My first thought that I had this morning was, "What day is this?" I know I heard trash trucks around 5.. so it must be Tuesday. But for a long moment I thought it was Wednesday! See, what being off for a week does to me?

Whooo, Hooo! I added something techie to the blog, yes again! Today is Tuesday and normally I get new movies from Netflix on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are typically New Release days for DVDS. On the side bar I added a "What's in the Mailbox from Netflix This Week" so y'all can see what I'm watching! I tried to find a widget like my "Reads from the Beach Chair" but there is not one from Netflix, and I didn't see any other's I liked, so I just copied and pasted my RSS feed onto the site. It will automatically update as I send movies back and get new ones. I know I just spoke goobly gook for some of you, but for us techie people it is way cool and just another way for you to keep up with me!

Yesterday I kept busy with running mundane errands (the post office, Lowe's, etc.) and today it is pretty much the same. I had to run back to the post office today, because my mailman came early today! And, shock of all shocks, I had stuff to mail today! At 11 a.m I was still sitting on the sofa with my jammies on and Special K dribbling from my mouth and here he comes. So instead of making an embarrassing sprint to the mailbox, I decided to just drive my stuff that had to be mailed to the PO. I had to go to the library today anyway, and they are right down the street from one another, so it really wasn't a problem. Yes, I actually just admitted to y'all that I was still in my jammies at 11 a.m. Ok, confession time....I didn't get up until 10. Zorro wakes me up at 6 to open the doggie door (I keep the safety door on at night so creatures that we don't want to see won't visit us, so I have to open that for him, I feed him and go back to bed.) And besides, Michelle Obama was on a re-run on The View , and I wanted to watch. I don't EVER get to do this, so it was a nice treat!
p.s. Just because I was watching Michelle Obama was not an endorsement. I really liked the dress she wore and wanted to find out where she got it. Typical Julia.

Anyway..... I am off to clean house, it is not spic and span and it is bothering me. I also have some laundry to do. Usually everyday I have a list of stuff I want to get done and today I didn't have one. So, I am kind of lost and making it up as I go along. I do know that tonight will be movie night around here.. Zorro and I have some New Releases to watch!!!
:) JKP