Thursday, July 24, 2008

5 Secret Selves of Julia....

Hey Y'all!

Ok, probably from that title, you think maybe I am experiencing some psychotic break with reality. I promise you, I am really not. "We promise you she's really not!" say the voices in my head!

Hee, Hee.... Ok, no, but really. Y'all know that I am taking a writing course this summer and I have posted some writing on this here blog already. This week in class we dove really deep into fiction writing and character development. Character development is hard for a lot of folks, but apparently for me, it makes me want to write, like all of the time! One of the activities that we did in class this week, to help us prepare for a walk down character lane, was to come up with 5 personalities that are pieces of our true personalities. They are actually called "secret selves" and contain hidden bits of your true self. Well, y'all, I am not going to lie. My characters are about to kill me to get written. One of them wouldn't let me sleep last night until she was pristine in my writer's notebook. Yes.. she's the OCD one! So I thought I would share a little glimpse of my "secret selves" here. I have a big ol' project due next week and my hope is this weekend that I can get vignettes written about all of these characters to put in my project. I already have 3 done. When they are polished, I will post them here for you to read. So far, they are writing themselves! I just hope the other two let me get some sleep tonight!
Alrighty.. so here we go!

Julia's 5 Secret Selves
Antonia- she is a wonderful Italian cook and loves to make big meals. She loves pasta, wine and good times with friends. She longs to go to Italy for an extended stay and take a cooking class.

Penelope- she loves to do yoga and she loves to shop at Anthropologie. She only eats organic fruits and vegetables. She is a vegetarian and leads a "green" lifestyle. She, of course, is on a waiting list for a Prius.

Trixie- she is a Mini-Cooper driving, expat who lives in London. She has to have all of her techie gadets with her at all times. She loves to meet friends at the local pub and grab a pint. She absolutely loves living in London.

Skye- she is an animal lover to the extreme. She supports animal rights and has several animals of her own. She is a foster Mom for several stray animals.

Angora- she is OCD obsessed. Everything has its place and nothing is out of order in her house or her life. She must always have a plan. Nothing can ever deviate from "the plan." Everthing must be spotless at all times and there is no room for mistakes. Angora is also the owner of an organizing business.

So those are my girls. A little bit of me is in each one, but I'm not going to tell you what! Of course, if you know me... well, it's not that hard. Anyway, enjoy and I'll try and post their updates as I finish them this weekend. Zorro really wants another walk.. so I'm out the door.
:) JKP

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