Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dude, We've Got BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Y'all,

Well I am feeling much better and today I actually ate solid food! Yippeee!!! I am telling you that was the stomach virus to end all stomach viruses!!!


We have had some wildlife excitement around the house! Yesterday, I came home from class, and I still wasn't feeling great. I pulled my car into the garage and went in the house. I opened the front door to walk out and check the mail. Zorro loves to help me check the mail, but yesterday when we got outside he started acting WIERD. Well, more than Zorro "wierd." He started sniffing the cement on the driveway and scratching his paws on the ground. That is when I spied these rather large boogers!!!

Just in case you are not from Horry County... folks, those are BEAR TRACKS! ON MY DRIVEWAY!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!! At first I thought maybe it was a rather large dog, but no. On closer inspection.. I saw the claws.

Horry County does have a rather large black bear population and with all of the construction lately, the bears have been driven into subdivisions. I didn't notice anything that was in disarray, and my herbie curbie (trash cart) was left untouched. My house backs up to woods, so I think he or she, or hopefully Winnie the Pooh was just taking a short cut. I had all of the neighbors over last night and we were in full inspection mode.

Zorro says he will stand guard from now on.

So that is the excitement in these parts. I hope I don't see anymore of those tracks! I am off to make some apple dip for a dinner party I am attending tonight. Have a good one! And if you know of any tricks to keep bears away.... LET ME KNOW!!!

:) JKP

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