Monday, July 7, 2008

First Day of Class...

Hey Y'all!

Today was my first "official" class for the Coastal Area Writing Project. Today was a lot of fun, and we got a lot of writing done. We had several "quick writes" that lasted about 3 minutes and one longer write as well. We read some different texts that had to do with writing a memoir. This is our focus this week. If I get brave I will post some of my writing from class on my blog. We will see! So far a lot of my memoir has been when I lived with my Uncle Richard when I was little. I also jotted some notes about Zorro too! We also have a class blog, which hasn't been updated to show today's progress, but you can check the CAWP Blog here. Basically this class I am taking is through the National Writing Project. It educates teachers how to become better writers, through mentor texts and guest authors. Then we go and share our "knowledge" with our students. There are several writing projects going on all across the United States right now. It is really neat to be apart of something this big.

Zorro coped well today while I was gone. Zoe hung out with him today, so he had a playmate. Although, when Mom came by to check on the munchkins at lunch, they both REFUSED to go out the doggie door. However, when I came home, out they went without a problem. I told Mom they were playing her. Hee, hee! Zorro got in two walks today, and one was a long one. He has also rediscovered the arm of our sofa. He has been perched there like an owl for most of the day. I think since I cleaned the sofa with the carpet machine, he has a whole new appreciation for it!!!

Well I am off to enjoy a little bit of ice cream and to start a new book!

p.s. Don't forget to keep checking on Bertha's progress. At last check she was a category 3. We still seem to be safe in the Myrtle Beach area though!! Look out Bermuda!
:) JKP

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