Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Got A Little Wild With My Mr. Clean Eraser....

Hey Y'all,

Well, as promised, "Operation Clean House for Summer" or I should say "Operation OCD" commenced yesterday. My floors are gleaming, my bathrooms shine and my baseboards are something to be marveled over. All thanks to a box of Mr. Clean erasers, some Spic and Span and a mop. Oh, those tools of the OCD trade! And, not to mention that I can hardly move today. But, Zorro appreciates the effort. Our house is spotless, our laundry is done and now I can safely sit on the sofa and not obsess over what a mess I think our house is. Zorro put in his two cents today while I was out to lunch. When I came back, every single pillow in the living room was in the middle of the living room. So much for peace and order! Hee, Hee!

A little on the scary side, I had my first "first day of school" nightmare this morning. Every teacher has this, although, it is normally close to August when I have the first one. This morning's nightmare included mean children, me unprepared and unable to locate anything for the first day of school! We haven't even been out of school for a month yet and I am already having first day of school dreams. It's a little like the dreams where you show up somewhere naked, except these are 10 times worse. I must have really worn myself out yesterday with all of my cleaning... or I breathed in too many fumes! Let's just say, I am glad it was a dream and I am back in Kansas.

Alrighty, Zorro and I are going to settle in for our afternoon nap and then get some sewing done. I think Zorro has an ear infection brewing, so I started him on his ear drops today. He was shaking his head every 5 minutes yesterday, so I knew it was either allergies or an ear infection. I think the infection won out. He seems to be feeling better since I gave him his drops. Or maybe he is glad that I'm no longer cleaning!
:) JKP

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