Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finally a Few Days Off...

Hi Y'all!

Well, it felt really wierd this morning not getting up for class! Zorro was a little bit confused too! Zoe arrived at our house about 8:30 so we all just went back to bed for a little while! I took Zorro and Zoe to the groomer today and they look just precious! If I can get them to stop rubbing on the furniture for a second (they ALWAYS do this when they get back from the groomer. I think they are trying to rub off the doggie perfume!) I will grab a picture. They are both kinda pooped right now!

Today I went out and about to try and get some things together for school. I don't really have to buy alot, not like I did when I taught 1st grade, but I still need notebooks, pencils, paper and folders for the kids to keep journals. Our tax weekend in South Carolina starts tomorrow, and I can't stand being out in the crowds. No thank you! So I thought I would go out today. Well, I can tell you this.. retailers must mark stuff UP for tax free weeked so they can make money! Everything I went to buy today was over a dollar and I usually pay 20 cents for my notebooks and 10 cents for my folders! So I guess with the economy in such bad shape, retailers are trying to hold on to the last minute to make a buck. Oh well. At least I know they mark everything down in a week or two anyway. And the crowds will be alot less!

I have enjoyed my day today though. I really didn't get anything accomplished, other than unloading the dishwasher, and trust me, that's a biggie for me! I hate to do that! It is extremely hot right now, so the doggies won't get a walk until later on.

Also, as promised.. here is another installment of "My Secret Selves." This one is Trixie...
If you don't know what this is about, make sure and read "My 5 Secret Selves" entry to get you up to speed!

Trixie moved about her London flat in her hurried manner. Her short bobbed hair landed sleekly against her face, occasionally getting stuck in her long silver earrings. She silently begins tapping her pedicured foot as she waits for the espresso machine to spurt forth is caffeinated concoction.

As she is waiting, Trixie takes the time to examine her hands. She decides that her long fingers are helpless; the skin around her fingernails has been picked and chewed until her cuticles were no longer visible. Absent mindedly her eyes glance over the faint line on her left ring finger that is slowly disappearing day by day. Thoughts start to fill her head, but she quickly slides them back into a compartment of her heart, seals them off and hopes she doesn’t have to deal with them later.

Lost in thought, she is suddenly brought back to the present by her iphone buzzing with expectation. Whatever it was, it was going to have to wait. She needed gulps of caffeine before she could be bothered with the world outside of her flat. The truth was, Trixie was far to wired for too much caffeine, but her hectic work schedule- late nights and constant travel made her morning ritual one of her only vices.

As she began sipping her morning magic, her iphone began more of its baritone buzzing. Simultaneously her computer made the chiming noise indicating that she had a new email. She decided that both of her lifelines must be in cahoots today. As she padded over to her computer desk, she stopped for a moment and observed the dreary London day before her. Big Ben was hardly visible through the mass of fog and rain that was rolling in. She made a silent note to herself that her Jimmy Choos would be staying in her closet today.

I'll post some more writing tomorrow. Stay cool and enjoy what is left of the summer! I can't believe that tomorrow is August 1st!!!
:) JKP

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