Friday, July 25, 2008

I've Been Writing...Run for Your Lives!

Hey Y'all!

Well, today I have been working on my project for my writing class that is due next week. I thought that I was going to work on my "secret selves" vignettes... however, another idea popped in my head! During our first week of class, we studied Memoir and different ways of writing memoir. On of the ways we explored was creating an "Where I'm From" poem. This is based on Georgia Ella Lyon's own poem. This is a technique often used in writing classes. Well, below is my attempt. I have re-written this several times, and each time I tried to focus it on me and my childhood, it kept coming back to my family. So this is a tribute to my grandaddy and his brother's and sisters... because that is what came out today!

Where I'm From..
I’m from olive trees buried deep in Lebanon
Its branches reaching across entire oceans

I’m from a family full of folklore and tall tales
Cheered by characters that still live on today

I’m from Alice’s stuffed squash and kibbeh
Baklava that is chewy and sweet

I’m from the long lens of Abe’s camera
Its telescopic glass catching snippets of time

I’m from hair dye, pink curlers and beauty advice
All dispensed with Evelyn’s flair

I’m from George, the honorable judge of the law
family historian
Who guards memories in a thousand scrapbooks

I’m from Joseph, who the second war took too soon
The warrior pilot who fought through hostile skies

I’m from two sisters and three brothers
Vessels of our family tree
Deep roots that spread wide
I’m from Thomy

Summer 2008
So there you go! I also took some time and went to see the X-Files movie today. I will give my review tomorrow. As usual... Zorro wants to go on a bear hunt!
:) JKP

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