Tuesday, July 8, 2008

There's Knitting Afoot Folks.....

Hey Y'all!

Well, since this is supposed to be a blog that has "some" knitting content, I figured I better make the knitting sticks start moving. I've taken a little break from knitting, which I have found is not really healthy for me. I am one of those folks who needs knitting to keep my sanity. It helps me think straight and mull things over as I am knitting continuous stitches. I decided that I had some burn out, and I needed to go back to the basics. No frills knitting, the kind that has no deadline and no immediate intended recipient. I am just knitting for fun. And, boy has the joy come back! I think I got to the point where I had all of these huge projects going on and I really stressed myself out by picking elaborate projects. I forgot that I find my peace in knitting when it is repetitive and I can stop and start as needed. Also, the stress of knitting for other folks under a deadline has not been fun. Sometimes I wonder, do folks really appreciate it when you knit them stuff, or does it just sit in their closet? So for now... It's all about me!!

I was so stressed last Friday, that I grabbed some yarn that I had laying around and immediately started on a diagonal scarf. This is a fun thing to make that requires little thought process once you have gotten the pattern down and makes great movie knitting. Here is Zorro modeling not only the partial scarf, but his summer do' too!

Next up we have the Ball Band Dishcloth of Mason Dixon fame. This is a fun knit. Yes, looks difficult, but it's really not. It is really cool to see all of the blocks of color come together.

Finally we have the Sunday Market Shawl... an intended Mother's Day gift for Mom. I have revoked all deadlines... and she will get it when she gets it.

Today was also day 2 of my writing class. It was fun, although today I seemed to sift through a lot of memories that weren't so great. We did a few quick writes off of a picture from our childhood. Mine, while it was a cute picture, did not bring back great memories. I did work on a great piece about catching fireflies in the summer though. When it's polished, maybe it will make its way here to the blog!
Well, Zoe is staying with us tonight and both Zorro and Zoe are demanding walks RIGHTNOW! So let me run!
:) JKP

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