Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Backpack is Packed....

Hi Y'all!

Tomorrow is the first day of my writing class and I am so excited! I have finished all of my reading, but I haven't been that great about writing in my Writer's Notebook. I am hoping that will change once class starts tomorrow! My bag is packed with snacks and everything. The hard part is going to be leaving Zorro at home. I have been with him so much this past week, I think he is going to have a hard time in the morning. I have invited Zoe over for a playdate tomorrow, so I hope that will make Zorro's transition a little bit easier!

We had a great 4th and yesterday continued our cleaning spree! I was able to borrow a carpet cleaner from one of the nice ladies in Mom's office, so our carpet and our sofa are now spic and span too! Zorro did not like the carpet cleaner..... he hid under the bed! It was nice to get some spots out of the carpet that have been taunting me!

Currently it is sunny outside and storming everywhere else in the state, so I hope Zorro and I can get a walk in soon. We have been taking 3 walks a day, which is good for him. I hope we can keep it up once my class starts! Also, we have been monitoring the progress of Tropical Storm Bertha. It looks like we are going to be OK, but they seem to change her path everyday. I think she is going to go off in the sea and leave us alone. If not, she is going to have Zorro and Zoe to deal with! One of my students from this year emailed me over the weekend in a panic. He checked ahead for the 2010 names for hurricanes and lo and behold, there is a Julia! He was in a panic because his family just moved to Charleston. All I have to say about that folks, is batten down the hatches. She will be a 5!!!!!!


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