Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Think That Today is Tuesday...

Hey Y'all,

My first thought that I had this morning was, "What day is this?" I know I heard trash trucks around 5.. so it must be Tuesday. But for a long moment I thought it was Wednesday! See, what being off for a week does to me?

Whooo, Hooo! I added something techie to the blog, yes again! Today is Tuesday and normally I get new movies from Netflix on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are typically New Release days for DVDS. On the side bar I added a "What's in the Mailbox from Netflix This Week" so y'all can see what I'm watching! I tried to find a widget like my "Reads from the Beach Chair" but there is not one from Netflix, and I didn't see any other's I liked, so I just copied and pasted my RSS feed onto the site. It will automatically update as I send movies back and get new ones. I know I just spoke goobly gook for some of you, but for us techie people it is way cool and just another way for you to keep up with me!

Yesterday I kept busy with running mundane errands (the post office, Lowe's, etc.) and today it is pretty much the same. I had to run back to the post office today, because my mailman came early today! And, shock of all shocks, I had stuff to mail today! At 11 a.m I was still sitting on the sofa with my jammies on and Special K dribbling from my mouth and here he comes. So instead of making an embarrassing sprint to the mailbox, I decided to just drive my stuff that had to be mailed to the PO. I had to go to the library today anyway, and they are right down the street from one another, so it really wasn't a problem. Yes, I actually just admitted to y'all that I was still in my jammies at 11 a.m. Ok, confession time....I didn't get up until 10. Zorro wakes me up at 6 to open the doggie door (I keep the safety door on at night so creatures that we don't want to see won't visit us, so I have to open that for him, I feed him and go back to bed.) And besides, Michelle Obama was on a re-run on The View , and I wanted to watch. I don't EVER get to do this, so it was a nice treat!
p.s. Just because I was watching Michelle Obama was not an endorsement. I really liked the dress she wore and wanted to find out where she got it. Typical Julia.

Anyway..... I am off to clean house, it is not spic and span and it is bothering me. I also have some laundry to do. Usually everyday I have a list of stuff I want to get done and today I didn't have one. So, I am kind of lost and making it up as I go along. I do know that tonight will be movie night around here.. Zorro and I have some New Releases to watch!!!
:) JKP

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