Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mama's Little Helper...

Hey Y'all!

Well, I have completely recovered from my bought with strep throat. I am feeling like my old self! I made it through the week and then took yesterday off for a checkup with my doc. I go back in Wednesday for bloodwork, but so far I seem to be healthy! However, many of my kiddies are not. I had 4 out with the Swine Flu this week. It seems to be contained to one area of the room. I hope it passes quickly!

Paddington turned seven months old last weekend and this week he has been alot of fun. He is still a puppy in many ways, but now he is starting to really grow up! Check out the video of him below. He is trying to help me make the bed! His little personaility is so funny! Everyday he discovers how to do something new!

Today it is sunny and beautiful so I am going to grab a book and go sit on the beach and read for awhile. Tomorrow I am heading to Lake City for a family lunch. My great Aunt Alice is turing 96, so we are coming together to celebrate.
I am off to my happy place.. THE BEACH!
p.s.- Guess what??? Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash is back in stores!! It is true that the holidays must be right around the corner......At least the egg nog has not made an appearance yet. I bet they will start putting it out this week!
:) JKP

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