Monday, September 6, 2010


Hey Y'all,

Can you believe it? THREE posts in one weekend. I may be sick with fever. We will have to check on that!

I wanted to let you guys in on a fun little thing I have been doing over the summer. Like most folks, I have several Yahoo email accounts to send spam to and one for my knitting business. Pitty Pat also has his own email too... well, he needed one for his Facebook page. Yes, my dog is on Facebook. But, enough about that!

When you have a Yahoo account you can "customize" your page with many different things. Horoscopes, TV times, weather, gossip, etc. One of the applications that I use on my page is called Free Stuff Times. I thought it was time to share with y'all, because I have racked up on the free stuff this summer! So far, I have had awesome samples from philosophy, Origins, and great coupons too. I have also scored magazine subscriptions to Family Circle, Soap Opera Weekly, Harper's Bazzar and Vogue. The best part about it, is that it is totally FREE!

So if you like getting free stuff... check out Free Stuff Times. You can go to their website too. They update with free stuff every few hours. Sometimes it is limited to certain states, but not always. Lots of times it is for free samples and magazine subscriptions. Check it out! You won't be sorry!

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