Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hey Y'all!

Last week I was asked by someone at school if I could knit up an owl hat. After looking around on the Internets.... I came up with my own pattern. This one was fun to knit and I think it turned out really cute. This is based on Susan B. Anderson's "Hoot Hat." Since I live on the coast of SC... you can forget me walking into a yarn shop and finding this pattern. I made this one up on my own, but I have ordered the actual pattern from an online shop.

Not to be outdone on the cuteness factor.... Pitty Pat had to get in on the action. Bless his heart, he is worn out from barking at all of the rain and our "flood." Luckily the waters receded this morning and I did not need a kayak to get to work. Other neighborhoods were not as lucky.

Alrighty, I am off! The Big Bang Theory is coming on and I can't miss my weekly dose of Sheldon!

:) JKP

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