Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby Cakes

Hey Y'all!

Remember those camo hats that I made a few weekends ago? Well, here's another shot of one of them... on a cutie pie baby!

I made the 0 to 6 months size so he could "grow" into it. Sweet baby cakes!

On a lighter note, things have been a lot cooler around here at the beach. Pitty Pat and I have enjoyed having the windows open in the afternoon. Although, for different reasons. I enjoy the cool air and he enjoys starting neighborhood barking riots. Oh well. To each his own!

I sat down today and came up with my parent/teacher conference schedule. I am going to start them next week to get them finished! I love meeting with my parents, but it makes for a long day to have 7 conferences a day for 3 days after being at school since 6:45 and teaching all day. October is a long month for teachers in my school district. We used to get paid for the extra conference time, but not anymore. Oh well. :)

Well, Pitty Pat has ALL of the dogs barking in the 'hood right now. I better go feed him so everyone can have a few moments of peace!

:) JKP

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