Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ho Hum... Ho Hummmm...

Hey Y'all,

Well, October is wrapping up nicely. All of my parent conferences are finished, except for one I still need to have over the phone. As of Monday night all of my report cards were finished. I have a field trip coming up on Friday, Fall Field Day on Monday, followed by a day off next Tuesday for Election Day. And let's just say, HOLLA for a day off. Usually by now, I have had some kind of creeping crud and I have taken a day off from school. But this year switching to a new grade level and all that jazz I have been way too busy to even take a mental health day. But, YAY for the staying healthy bit!

I have been getting some holiday knitting in... and y'all are just going to squeal when I show you my holiday hats. I hope to have them up soon. But, I have a very fussy furry fella who deserves some extra attention these days. I am hoping we are at the tail end of this hot and humid weather around here, so Pitty Pat and I are walking towards dusk these days.

I'll post more this weekend.... I ran out of Manuka Honey this week so I am not feeling my best. Amazon says I should have my shipment by Friday, I sure hope so!

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