Saturday, October 5, 2013

What Do You Mean it is October?

Hey Y 'all!

Well, as predicted, back to school has me busy, busy, busy. I think I have mentioned before how the first few months back to school, especially October are brutal. This weekend I am just worn out. I had a fantastic visit from my best friend last weekend and we did so much fun stuff! This weekend is going to be about hanging out with the P-man and enjoying being home!

Pitty Pat is doing Ok. He has had an infection in both of his eyes which has been pretty uncomfortable for him. I think this week both of his eyes finally cleared up. The vet is not sure if it was a reaction (allergy) or if it was some type of sty infection. I am just glad it is gone! Pitty Pat has the most precious set of eyelashes. I know. On a dog. And sadly he lost his lashes over this. But I did notice a few growing back, so I hope they will continue to grow. Pitty Pat was really good about  having warm compresses on his eyes to make him feel better. I think he grew to like it a wee bit too much! Spa Dog!

Right before Pitty Pat's eyes got really bad, we took a trip to the beach for a walk. My boy loves the beach!

Other than that, that is all that has been going on. I have a marathon of cooking scheduled for this too! It seems that my freezer is running low on yummy meals. I have not been cooking a lot, so it is nice to come home and have a meal that I can reheat! I noticed this week my stockpile from August is almost gone. Time to fill the freezer back up!

I have also gotten back into the habit of walking my 10,000 steps a day. It has made me feel so much better! Each afternoon when I get home, I also take a 2 mile walk around my neighborhood. I plug in my ipod and go! I have subscribed to some great knitting podcasts, so before I know it I have finished my walk. I may not be losing all of the prednisone weight I have gained, but I think every little bit helps!

So I am off to chill this weekend. It is supposed to be 88 today, so hopefully later on this afternoon I can carve in some beach time. I have a great new Mary Alice Monroe book I am reading and I would love to finish it on the beach.

Y'all have a great weekend!
:) JKP

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