Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Summer We Went Viral.....

Hey Y'all!

As of yesterday I am "officially" on summer break! These past few weeks have been busy ones. I am now a "real" turtle lady and I have taken many walks since May 11th! And now that school is out, I have taken up another day of walking in a different section of the beach. So now I walk Sundays and Tuesdays and I just LOVE IT! We haven't had any nests in Garden City Beach yet and nothing north of us either. South of us is booming. Hobcaw Barony, Litchfield Beach and Charleston all have several nests. We have been very quiet. This week we had two strandings back to back. One on Monday and then another one on Tuesday. The Monday stranding made it to the Sea Turtle Hospital in Charleston, while the other Loggerhead did not make it in time for officials to help it. We are all quite stumped as to why we don't have any nests yet, but then again we are dealing with Mother Nature! Tonight I am going to a talk at the North Myrtle Beach History Museum. They are having a sea turtle photography show and some folks from the Sea Turtle Hospital are coming to give a talk. I am so excited to hear what they have to say!

 Now. Ahem. If you are friends with me on Facebook or Twitter you know that my second grade team made a "little" end of they year celebratory dance video and posted it to Facebook. Y'all. We are viral. As of this morning our little video has been shared over 21,568 TIMES. We were shared over 8,000 times just yesterday alone! We are hoping we will end up on Ellen. But for now, it feels strange to be viral, but yet, I don't have a temperature! And the fact that over 21,000 people have seen me dance! When you watch the video, I am the one who twirls. Hee. Hee! We had so much fun doing this. It was not choreographed and one of our student teachers filmed us.


 Today I am off to clean my house because my best friend is coming for a visit tomorrow. And let's face it, I have been very neglectful to my house lately. So it is time we had a "Come to Jesus" meeting. I'll be back tomorrow to share the cool things I have found on my turtle walks. Just last week we found a message in a bottle! Also make sure you follow me on instagram. I post like crazy over there!

Have a great day!
 :) JKP

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