Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hiding Under a Rock......

Hey Y'all,

Well, I've been hiding under a rock for the better part of 3 weeks now! Things haven't been great at work, it has been rainy and cold, and I have the winter funk. So there. Trust me, you so didn't want me to post!

Things here have calmed down a bit , but I am still surrounded by TONS of stress. Pitty Pat is fine and tries to make me laugh every day. He is becoming such a big boy! He will be 11 months old on February 4th! We have had a few days of sunny weather, so we have been trying to get out and walk as much as possible. Paddington has also started a cute habit of "singing" to himself in his crate. Before I get him in the morning he likes to "sing." It is so funny! He is not very loud about it, just a little hum to himself! Also, at night before I go to sleep, I have been letting him hang out on the bed with me. Usually he will sleep for an hour or two and then attack me. But, he is getting used to sleeping in the bed.

I have been reading bunches and knitting just a bit. I have a few items that I need to make, and I just hate deadline knitting. Hopefully I will have some pics to post by the weekend.

Well, that's it. I am still here, I am just under lots of stress and self medicating with chocolate. If I keep this up, I may have to apply to be on The Biggest Loser!
:) JKP

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