Sunday, January 3, 2010

Y'all Are Just Going to Keel Over....

Hey Y'all!

Guess what?? Never, ever before has this happened on this blog. I am following up a knitting post, with ANOTHER knitting post! Yes, I know this is a "knitting" blog. Go figure.

Lookie loo at what I have been up to...

Y'all, it has turned downright arctic here in Myrtle Beach. My ears were about to freeze to my head while walking Mr. P. So, I decided to remedy that situation. I got the pattern from Crazy Aunt Purl. This pattern is called the super simple fast easy chunky handknit beret. Laurie posted this on her site last spring. I remember thinking to myself how cute it was, but I would never need a beret here at the beach! WRONG! So I knit this up yesterday while watching Carolina's disastrous attempt at a bowl game.

I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky in black to knit this up. The patten calls for size 11 and 13 needles. After reading reviews of folks who have made this and knowing that I am a "relaxed" knitter, I used size 10 needles on the brim and size 11 on the body of the hat. Also, some of the berets looked more like chef hats, and that was the look I did not want!
I can't wait to make another one!
Paddington and I are officially depressed. I have to go back to work tomorrow. So sad.
:) JKP

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