Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I am Such a Fan!!!!!!

Hey Y'all!

Well, alot has been going on in Julia and Pitty Pat-ville! I have a SASSY new hair cut and color, thanks to my new and fantastic hair dresser! The old adage is true.. find someone's hair that you like and ask them who does it! I haven't been happy with my hair for a while, but let me tell you. I love my hair now AND I am back to being very blond! I forgot how much I missed being a blond. The world just feels like a brighter place! :) AND, I think I must have looked really bad before, because, Y'ALL.. folks literally stopped in their tracks last Friday when I got to school. My kiddies even thought that they had a sub for the day. So this is a much needed change!

This past Monday, I took a little road trip to Charleston for a checkup. My appointment wasn't until after lunch, so I had a little while to roam some shops in Mount Pleasant. One thing I have been worried about lately is the skin on my face. I do not hide the fact that I LOVE to go to the beach and be outside whenever it is possible. I am not so great about following a skin care routine. I mean, y'all, I wash my face and all, but I am not good at the whole moisturizer and SPF thing. Now, with Mitzi Mazda, I have the sunroof open ALL of the time....and, since I am getting to the END stage of my 30's I kind of figured I should start investigating some options. Y'all know that for a while, I was a true philosophy girl, but lately between the expense and a change in some formulas, it has just not been great. Also, with my skin breaking out in hives and this and that, I really have to be careful about what products I use. I have very oily, combination, sensitive skin. With a tendency to break out with honker zits. What a mix! I spent some time on the Internets Sunday night and came across a new line by Aveeno. Also, let me just say, I love Aveeno. When I am covered in hives from head to toe, Aveeno is my go to product. I am a big fan of their oatmeal baths and all of their bath products. I don't tend to itch with them like other products. They have come out with a new skin care line called Aveeno Smart Essentials, and I have just fallen in love with it! With coupons and smart shopping, I managed to get the entire set of skin care for around $40! This is what I would pay for just a cleanser OR a moisturizer before!

I have noticed a difference in how my face feels. But here's the real kicker, my hands! My hands are in terrible shape because I wash and sanitize them ALL OF THE TIME. I mean, I teach seven year olds! My hands are now smooth and nice. So I know that if it is having this kind of effect on my hands, it has to be doing some good for my face! I have also noticed that my dark skin damage spots are lightening up and my skin has an all around glow to it. The daily moisturizer has something in it that makes your makeup just glide on your face and shimmer. The eye treatment feels divine when you put it on. We will see how it goes a few weeks from now, but after 4 days, I am happy! Since this is a new product several stores like Target and Ulta have deals right now. Even the Evil Empire has it at a reasonable price. And with gas prices the way they are, it is nice to know that I can still take care of my skin and not have to break Pitty Pat's college fund to pay for it!

Well, let me run. It's my bed time. :) Also, if you think about it, send me some good ju ju. I found a little something the other day and I have to have a mamogram on Monday. The good thing is that it is painful, so that is always a good sign. But good ju ju is always needed! Thanks y'all!


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Is your "Mitzi" one of us? If so, that is great!