Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's Monsoon Season

Hey Y'all!

This week, our weather has been CRAZY. Lots of rain, storms and tornadoes. This morning I got up, got online and visited the National Hurricane Center's website and noticed a little something interesting off of our coast. For Real. It's May 19th. NOT hurricane season here!

It has spin and it is not going anywhere for a while. We should have another update by tomorrow on any development from this thing. It has a low chance for development, but it is still weird to see these things pop up so early!

I am off to do a little shoe shopping today and maybe I will finally get to see Dark Shadows! I also need to find some time to go see Battleship... you know me and my action adventure/alien/end of the world movies!

I've got to bite the bullet to go shoe shopping today,  because for about a year I have been dealing with a horrible case of Plantar's Fasciitis. Y'all. This stuff is BAAAADDD. My left foot is in a lot of PAIN. I have tried everything from ice to exercises, but I am still in alot of pain. Last night, I actually took some Aleve (which I am not suppose to, because of my stomach.) It has helped and given me some relief. I can't wear flip flops because of the pain, so I need to go find some cute shoes to wear for summer, but that keep me out of pain. I know. Good luck! The only relief I have had, was the 7 days I was on prednisone. My foot felt GREAT! But, I am off of the steroids now, so the pain is back more than ever. I am thinking I may have to go to the doctor once school gets out. YUCK.

Well, let me run. It is Biker Week here at the beach. I have to get up and out and run my errands before the bikers wake up. Traffic is terrible once the they are out and about!

Tootles and have a great Saturday!
:) JKP

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