Friday, August 3, 2012

Back to School Tears, Currently, and a NEW BLOG!

Hey Y'all!

Can you BELIEVE that it is August 3rd? I am in complete denial. That and I have been battling a horrible case of food poisoning. Last weekend I didn't leave my sofa for FOUR days! I couldn't eat solid food until yesterday. Y'all. It was not pretty around here!

While technically I don't go back to work until Tuesday, August 14th, I have to go back even sooner. Monday I am going in for a little while to get my furniture moved in my classroom. I will probably go back in on Tuesday to do some more unpacking. I am also getting my hair cut and colored on Monday. It is so long and needs to be colored. I haven't had my hair done since Memorial Day! Then next Friday the 10th, I have to go to ipad training! That's the silver lining on the clouds! The following Monday, the 13th, I have another training session to go to as well. At least I am going with one of my good work friends. That should make it a little bit more fun!

Don't get me wrong, I love working with my students. But it is A LOT of work to get up and running. And it feels like you are getting the life sucked out of you at times. So, that is why there are tears at the beginning of school. That and we are getting about 3 emails a day with stuff that we are going to have to do when we go back. I AM SO NOT READY!

I have also really enjoyed being home this summer and hanging with Pitty Pat. I miss him so much when I am at school!

Like me, Farley is still out for now! She posted this month's Currently today, so here's mine!

Also. I may have developed a new hobby. :) A few weeks ago, I blogged about visiting consignment stores while I was visiting Mom. It really all started with a clothing sale her church had while I was in town. I got several new pieces of clothes for school for under $40. Since I have gotten home, I have continued "thrifting." I have gotten some great things for my wardrobe at FANTASTIC prices. I end up calling Mom every night to share my "thrift deals" of the day. And she always wants pictures. So I decided to start a blog, called JustJulia's Thrifty Finds! If you have visited my blog in the past few days, you might have noticed that I have already added a link to the blog. This is not going to replace this blog, I just didn't want my thrifting deals to have to compete with the cooking, crafting and knitting! And, once school starts, my thrifting may only be limited to weekends. So it won't be updated ALL the time, but I do have some posts that I can't wait to share! The new blog, in addition to this one will also give me another outlet to be creative. And if I am going to survive this next year, I am going to need fun things to look forward to!

So that is what is going on here! I have a few books I want to finish this weekend, some knitting to work on, a celebration of a dear friend's birthday, and of course some beach time to keep me busy this weekend. I am trying to keep the "School is Starting Anxiety/Depression" away.

One more thing...........I took Pitty Pat to the vet today for his 3 year old check up! He is doing great and is very healthy. He does have to go on a diet though. :) So a few less treats for the baby.

That's what is going on here! I am off to snap some photos of today's thrifting deal!
:) JKP

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