Sunday, September 2, 2012

Julia, Julia, Where For Art Thou?

Glory Be. It has been a month since my last post. OMG. And it has flown people. I know it doesn't seem like it out there in blog land, when you want to read a new post, but. It's September 2nd people!

Let me catch you up!

During our last update I was just about to start school and Pitty Pat had just been to the vet. What I did not know was that not only was I having adjustment issues to starting back to school, but so was my furry baby. So on August 13th.. the DAY before I had to go back to work, I found myself in the Vet's office discussing the pro's and con's of Prozac for doggies. FOR REALS. Pitty Pat was so distraught that I was coming and going more and staying gone for longer periods of time... he licked his front left leg RAW. So. We had to wear a cone of shame for a few days. BOOOO!!

After a few days of me coming home for lunch and antibiotics and creams, Pitty Pat seemed to be turning the corner. I was able to remove the cone and he started to get used to our "new" daily schedule. Thankfully, without the Prozac.

One of the coolest things that has happened in my absence from the blog has been that I received an ipad from my school district. I love my ipad. It is so convenient. And. My time that I usually spend blogging, may have been replaced by playing my Mom and Aunt Gwen in online games. Oh yes. And. I usually don't win! Pitty Pat also likes the ipad. He loves to read Paddington stories!

Also. My new hobby of thrifting has kept me VERY busy too! I will update the thrifting blog, but I do want to share a few goodies here too. Here are a few outfits that I have found in consignment stores that have been getting a lot of wear during these Back to School Must Look Professional Days.

This is a cute brown dress that I found and I also bought it in black too. These dresses are so comfy and look great on too. I paid $5 A DRESS. They also manage to hide the 5 pounds I gained this summer from my cortisone shots. Oh well. At least I look cute!

This outfit is not entirely thrifted, just the shirt. It is a cute Ann Taylor Loft shirt that looks great with white or black. It also hides the "summer five." If you notice my shoes.. those are my wonderful Orthaheels. My feet feel great even after standing all day in my classroom. And. I know these are YUCKY bathroom shots. I just bought a new mirror today to use to show off some thrifty finds. Now. No more bathroom shots. Living room shots instead! :)

Anyway. I am really enjoying thrifting. This past week alone I have picked up a 4 piece place setting of Correlle, 2 vintage Pyrex mixing bowls, a Susan B. Anderson knitting book that I have been coveting, 5 shirts and two NEW pairs of pants. For $30. Um. YES!

Last weekend my Mom came for a visit and brought me a wonderful "new to me" gift. Over the summer whenever I would visit Mom, I just couldn't wait to use her Keurig to make my coffee every morning. I really wanted a Keurig, but just couldn't afford to spend that kind of money when both Pitty Pat and I are having nervous breakdowns about summer ending. And many Vet visits have been happening. Anyhoo. My mom has been through two Keurigs. Once she got her first one, she went ahead and upgraded to the Mack Daddy Model. She gave her first one to my Grandmother, who was terrified to use it. SO GUESS WHO HAS IT NOW???

Just looking at this picture makes me happy. What you don't know is that to get the Keurig to this exact location in my kitchen, we had to perform a FULL ON KITCHEN reorganization. It was painful people, but had to be done. :) Notice my caddy? It's my old spice rack. YEP. If you feel you need a caddy for your Keurig Coffee... hold the phone. Try your spice rack. SQUEEEEE!!!!!

While Mom was visiting we got to meet Uncle Richard and Aunt Brenda for lunch. It was great to see them and I really enjoyed visiting and catching up with both of them. Here's a snap of me and Uncle Richard. Do you like his sweater???

I found it for him. Still with the tags on it. For $3. I think he really likes it. He put it on right after I gave it to him! :) If you look closely.. you can see Mitzi Mazda in the picture too!

I haven't really done much cooking this summer, or knitting for that matter. I have just really enjoyed being home and traveling some too. Today I decided that my house needed to feel Fallish. So I put away my summer decorations and brought out my fall table decorations and my Department 56 Halloween Village. It doesn't help that it is still 95 degrees outside, but it feels nice in here. I think the Decaf Iced Pumpkin Latte that I had this morning had a little something to do with my urge to change seasons around here!

So in a nutshell (eventhough I am allergic to them) that has what has been going on. The beginning of school has been tough and every year I think that it is going to do me in. This year I have been fighting exhaustion like I have never faced. That has been hard and has contributed to the lack of blogging too. I know that y'all don't want to hear how tired I am when you are just as tired too! When Mom came last weekend, she took me to the grocery store because I haven't been in a few weeks. Now that is some kind of tired when you can't make it to the grocery store. I have a dr's appoitment in Charleston on the 13th to deal with some things, so maybe that will give me an answer too. And. Do you know how many consignment stores I can hit while I am in Charleston?????
I hope y'all are doing well too and thanks for coming back to read!
:) JKP

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