Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Loving Summer.. Well, Almost!

Hey Y’all!

Well, last Monday was the first day of my graduate class that I am taking this Summer 1 semester. I honestly think that graduate professors try and kill you the first week of class so they know who is up for a challenge and who needs to drop the class! Last week was a busy one and luckily several girls that I teach with are taking this class as well. We decided that we needed to meet weekly as a study group to make sure we all understood our assignments and also for support. After our meeting last week, I felt much better about things and got busy with my work! This week is another busy workload, but I feel much better. We are designing an online class from the roots up. So this week we have to flesh out our entire syllabus and work on our actual content for two modules or sections of “our” online class. Easier said than done, I am in major work avoidance zone tonight!

It may have something to do with some fun I had last week! My bestie Marie and her family were here last week. They were camping at Lakewood Campground not too far from me. So I got to go and hang out on the beach with them! Saturday night we cooked out and I was inducted into the cult of Mexican Train Dominoes. I am now such an addict that I have to play it on my ipad! Yes, another graduate classwork distraction! Here’s a pic of Marie and I on the beach!

JKP and REe

And, here we are playing Mexican Train Dominoes. It is a very easy and fun game to learn!


Since Pitty Pat gets really accustomed to having me around everyday, all day, I have to make a point to leave for a little bit everyday. If not, he gets VERY attached and has a horrible time coping when I go back to school in August. Yesterday I had a few errands to run and ended up at my favorite, The Dollar General! I found these precious towels that just had to come home with me. And, for a dollar, it they weren’t a budget breaker!


Finally, Pitty Pat gives me the paw when he decides I have been working too hard. Yesterday he sat in my lap and literally batted away my textbook I was reading for my class. Yup. He’s a pretty smart guy! He knows when his Mama needs a break!

Pitty No More Study

With all of this classwork going on, I haven’t gotten in much knitting. But I do have a few easy scarves that I want to work on. At night, I just want to watch a cute movie and chill. So mindless knitting fits the bill!

I hope y’all are doing well!



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