Sunday, June 30, 2013

How Can Tomorrow Be July 1st?

Hey Y'all!

Where in the world has the month of June gone? I guess I have spent mine on the computer, just not on the blog! I only have two more weeks of my Summer 1 class. It has been a lot of hard work, but I have learned lots of new things. Just this past week I had to revive my old website skills. I had to build two websites last week and create a presentation using a new presentation tool. I just LOVE to do things like that, so I really enjoyed the work. I have gotten in a routine now, so I hope once Summer 2 comes along, with TWO classes I can still continue my schedule. I have worked it so I work on classwork on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday I will work in the morning and then head to the beach in the afternoon. I try and take Saturday and Sunday off. It is good for the mental health. Because before you know it, the back to school ads will start running!

Pitty Pat has enjoyed having me home and he has fallen right in to our summer schedule. He now lets me sleep until at least 8:30. YIPPEE!! Also, by 5:00 he puts his paw down and my work for the day has to end. I do take "play" breaks and "walk" breaks with him as well. This past week has been so rainy and stormy that we have had to take quick walks in between the showers.

I am thinking of starting the FMS Photo a Day again tomorrow. I mean. It is a new month! I really enjoyed it when I did it for the few weeks in May. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back with a post! It seems to help with my blogging!

Well, we are about to get hit with another storm. Y'all stay safe!

:) JKP

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