Friday, July 12, 2013

Summertime When the Livin’ is Easy.. Well… Maybe

Hey Y’all!

I finished up with a grad class on Tuesday and I have been taking a few days to chillax. Starting Monday I will have two graduate classes on my plate. And. Boy. I will be busy!

I have spent the past few days running errands. Pitty Pat had to go to the groomer for his summer do. Bless his heart, he has been so hot. I have been finding him on all of our tiled covered surfaces. He was so happy to come home yesterday with a short cut. Other than being mad at me for leaving him for 3 hours, he was quite happy! He also has a new collar that he likes. It is red.

summer do

When I am not studying, I have found a new addiction. Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt! Wedding Cake is my favorite flavor. All you have to do is add some fruit and you have a tasty, tasty afternoon treat.

orange leaf

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Mom came for a visit… where I introduced her to Orange Leaf! I am very lucky in that I don’t have to leave my neighborhood for fireworks. We  have a whole show right above our ‘hood. It is spectacular each  year. This year we had fireworks from two directions. It was quite a sight!

I don’t know about where you are, but this summer we have had a ton of rain here at the beach. Last week I literally thought I was going to need an ark. We received 6 inches of rain over 2 days. This is Lake Pitty Pat in front of our house last week.

noah's ark

Yup. All the way up my driveway!

I may be 12 days late.. but here is July’s Currently! As you can see, I am a little stressed about taking 2 grad classes at a time. Because I am going to seriously have to juggle some work! I am excited though. One of my classes is a multimedia class and we get to make all kinds of things. And, y’all know that is right up my alley! But, it is still a lot of reading and plus my other class too. Say some prayers for me!

July currently


Maybe I should just take Pitty Pat’s approach to something and hide under the bed… this is how I find him sometimes! Notice he leaves a trail of toys!

under the bed


Well, let me run! Pitty Pat is informing me by whining very loudly that it is in fact, supper time!



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