Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We Interrupt This Broadcast To Bring You a Special Message..

Hey Y'all,

Sorry, it's been a week since my last post, but I have been mourning my little guy. Also, top that off with the end of school and life has been a little much!

Last weekend was very tough. It's the little things that get you the most. I'll go and reach for something and all of the sudden just be flooded with thoughts of Zorro. Sleeping is very hard because I am so used to having him right there with me. I have been having a hard time eating because I am alone now, and before I always had Zorro interested in what I was eating. All of my neighbors have come by to check on me because I have not been out in the 'hood. It has been surreal. This week I have been able to do things that I have felt guilty about over the past year since Zorro has been so sick. I went to the movies. I went out to eat. I went and sat on the beach yesterday. All of these things I have not been able to do because I was scared of leaving Zorro alone. I have really been grieving since February when his vet told me that it would not be long.

In some ways it is a relief that Zorro is not suffering any more, but I miss him dearly. Even when he felt so bad, his little personality would shine through. There will never be another Zorro.

My house is very quiet now and that hurts my heart. That is why I have made a very important decision. One that I knew if I didn't make soon, I was going to go somewhere very scary.

Folks, meet Paddington!

My heart and arms need fur. And while it has only been a week, I need to focus my attention on something else. I always wondered if I would be able to get another dog after Zorro. I got Zorro when he was about 6, so I never got to experience the "puppy stage" with him. Paddington is 13 weeks and will be coming home next Friday.
While I miss Zorro tremendously, and always will, I feel that it is time to open up my heart to a new little one. I felt that if I waited to long that I would mourn Zorro forever and never move on. Zorro trained me well, and it's time that I share that with another fur ball.
I have a feeling that Mr. Paddington is going to keep me on my toes!
:) JKP

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