Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's A Dog Eat, Dog World Out There

Hey Y'all!

Sorry it has been a week since my last post, but I have been busy! Having a puppy in the house really takes up my time! Let me bring you up to speed on all that Paddington has learned this week!

Last Sunday, I was so worn out! I have made a few changes and they have worked wonders. I have a baby gate that I now use to put Paddington in the kitchen when he needs to have some play time. I have tile in my kitchen, so if he has an "accident" it is ok! Early on in the week he would sit at the gate and cry, but now he entertains himself with his myriad of toys and of course my kitchen rug. I don't care about the rug, it's a great chew toy for him and it needs to be replaced any way! Paddington also hangs out in the kitchen when I get ready in the morning and he has his breakfast and supper in there too. I try to let him have a couple of hours in there every so often so he gets used to it. My hope is that by the time I go back to school full time in August, I can leave him in the kitchen and not in his crate, since I am gone for almost 8 hours. I have baby proofed all of my cabinets so he is safe. He can also walk around a chase his new favorite toy.. the TENNIS ball!!

This week Paddington learned his name, had a play date with my friend Rose's dog, Diana, and learned how to play fetch with his tennis ball! It is a great game and before we go to bed at night I take Paddington into the back yard and we toss the ball a bit. He loves it and it wears him out! It has been HOT this weekend, so we have also moved our game inside. We are now working on the "give" command, and he is getting it OK! I was really struggling with him eating earthworms on our walks. Well, today I bought a water gun, and has it worked wonders! I squirted him twice and that was then end of worms in his mouth! It has also helped with his chewing too. He has taken a liking to chewing on his baby gate. Well, squirt, squirt, that stopped! In fact, I grab the gun and he backs away.

I downloaded this e-book called Teach Your Dog 100 English Words. It is basically an obedience class in a book! The author is Michele Welton and she has trained dogs for years. She has it broken down into what to teach your dog in what month. Paddington will be 4 months old on Saturday, the 4th of July! So we are working on walking with manners on our leash, come, stay and give. I am also getting him used to the "go crate" command. He is doing well! Since this is working well, I have decided to delay puppy kindergarten for awhile. I think all of the other dogs would be a distraction for Mr. P and we are socializing with all of the dogs in the 'hood!

In other news, I am halfway through teaching summer school! Yippee! I am going shopping this week to pick up a few things for my trip to Lake Tahoe that is rapidly approaching! I fly out on the 8th! Mom and I decided that she and Zoe are going to come and stay at my house while I am gone. That way Mr. P will be in familiar territory and can have all of his things around him. It will also be easier for Mom to baby gate him in the kitchen when she needs to.

I went to the beach on Friday and again today! Yesterday, I went to a Bridal Shower for my cousin Jordan in Scranton. Paddington is getting used to me coming and going each day. I want him to get used to that before I have 2 weeks off in July. :) My mom's nurse has a daughter that is in high school and wanted a summer job. She has agreed to be Paddington's "nanny" this summer while I work and help mom when I go to Lake Tahoe. That has been nice and gives Paddington another friend!

Well, let me run. Remember, if I am not posting check my Twitter feed on the right! I saw sharks today at the beach! Luckily the lifeguards were on "shark sighting"alert!
Later Taters!
:) JKP

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