Monday, June 1, 2009

Hurricane Season Begins Today... Cue Dramatic Music Here...

Hey Y'all!

Happy June!
Oh, and first day of hurricane season to you too! As I was reading my Sunday paper yesterday, I was met with all kinds of hurricane ads and stuff. Two inserts with tracking maps, and notes on how to be prepared for the season. Oh, and on the news this morning and tonight, all folks can talk about is how unprepared folks are going to be this hurricane season due to the recession. Goody. I guess I shouldn't have broken into the hurricane "kit" tonight while the power was out to get some supper! Hey, a girl has to do, what a girl has to do.

Y'all know my fascination with weather. I should have been a meteorologist. But. Well. MATH. Anyhoo. I do not hold any degree in forecasting the weather. But I am a big believer in the past teaches us alot. So, in my book we should be worried. This is 2009. Let's look at other years where hurricanes have bothered us.

1959- Hurricane Cindy makes a direct fall on Charleston, SC. She is a 1.
Hurricane Gracie makes a direct land fall in SC. She is a 4 when she hits.

1979-Tropical depression two makes landfall in SC on June 16.
Hurricane David makes landfall in Savannah, GA. He is a category 1. Folks... I was in this
one because I lived in Beaufort at the time. Not. Fun.

1989- Hugo. Enough said.

1999-Hurricane Floyd. While Floyd did not have a direct hit on SC.. it hit NC, which caused
terrible flooding in Horry County.

So as you can see.. the years with 9 in them don't fare well on the SC coast. All I can say is be prepared. I would rather be prepared and nothing happens than for the worst to happen.
There was also a nice little blip today on the news about how now, the worst hurricanes are not forming off of the coast of Western Africa. They are now forming right in the Atlantic basin.
Comforting thoughts. Check out the video clip here....

I am off to enjoy the comforts of air conditioning. Boy did I miss it!
:) JKP

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