Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Blog Birthday!

Hey Y'all!

Well, my blog is blowin' out the birthday candles today! It's a year old today! Wow and I have I been busy! Over 127 posts in a year! Yippee!

Just like this time last year, we have finally reached the last week of school! Friday is my last day with my munckins and then I have to work next Monday and Tuesday. I really don't get any time off... I have to work June 10th and 12th for summer school. Oh well! It will keep me busy.

Tomorrow I am planning a "Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest" for my munckins. It's a quick a dirty way for them to practice and review mean, median and mode. Also, they get to spit and measure how far they can spit a watermelon seed. Whoo hoo! It's kind of been slow going over the past two weeks. My reports cards have been done for almost a week now, so it's kind of me being a monkey and entertaining my kids! They have been helping me get ready for summer school though. I've put them to work making stuff for summer school. They love it and it helps me out at the same time.

Zorro is hanging in there. He is having a little trouble breathing today, but he had a very exciting day yesterday. He spent half of the day at the doggie spa with Zoe Bowie. They both look precious, but I think the Z-man is a little tuckered from all of the excitement of yesterday. Also, the transformation of my craft/sewing/yarn room took place yesterday. Oh. My. God. I do not need to buy any more yarn for the next 5 years. I will take pics so y'all can see. It's still a bit of a mess and I have a few more things to sort through and tidy up. But, so far it is going to be awesome!

Well, I am off to grab some lunch and to slice up the melon... it is so hard to find one with seeds these days!!!
:) JKP

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