Friday, May 15, 2009

Personal Day

Hey Y'all,

Well, the last 24 hours for me have just been insane. We had state testing yesterday and the test was so hard, that one of my munchkins actually had a breakdown in the middle of it! Apparently, the state department of education (I am mad at them right now and refuse to capitalize them, even though they are a proper noun)decided to place some questions on the test that are not, ahem, part of our standards. What the HELL!!!!!! Anyhoo, I am not the ONLY teacher upset by this and they have been receiving tons of complaints. Gahhh!!!! Why give me standards to teach by when you are not going to test on them???????????

To top it off yesterday, Zorro had a really bad day. REALLY BAD. Mom called me at school and basically told me this was it. She had made THE appointment. I was a wreck. Hysterically crying. I get home, and Zorro is waiting for me at the door. He barked at me. So. Yesterday was not going to be the second worst day of my life. Zorro is still struggling to breathe, but he is not going anywhere yet. As I type this, Zorro and Zoe are quite the portrait of "napping still life" on my bed right now.

Enter me taking a "personal day" today.

I am entirely stressed out and just needed a day to breathe. Yes, we only have 15 more days of school left, but I am a wreck. I needed a day to love on the Z-man and do what I do best when I get stressed. CLEAN. Become one with my Mr. Clean eraser. Oh and buy yarn. I did that too.

So, I am kind of taking things one day at a time. It's either that or I may crawl under a rock. I haven't decided yet.

:) JKP

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Anonymous said...


Glad to hear Zorro is resting comfortably. Please keep me posted on him! Hang in there! Hope your weekend is a good one!

-Dana Morrell :)