Monday, May 11, 2009

Wishin' and Hopin' and Prayin'

Hey Y'all!

I truly meant to post this weekend, but life sorta got in the way. Saturday, I woke up with the worst tummy ache. I thew up a couple of times (yes, I know TMI... but now you know why I didn't blog!) I think the tummy thing was completely my fault. I have been on a health kick lately and I have been trying to eat more veggies. Well folks, Crohn's and veggies don't really go together. Sometimes, when I eat too many veggies, I can't digest them and they end up coming back to visit me. I think this is what happened to me on Saturday. Endame is so NOT my friend. It is right up there with spinach! I have been eating those Cafe Steamers by Healthy Choice. While they are pretty yummy, I can only eat one every few days. I didn't realize that the fiber content in them was so high. Enter my crazy stomach. So, I have to lay off of them for a while!

Saturday was also delivery day for my new washer! You may have read a few posts ago about me having to have a "Come to Jesus" meeting with my old washer. Well, it wasn't old. I have only had it for about four years. Y'all... never stray from a good American brand like Kenmore or Maytag. A few years ago, my mom bought a washer and dryer set from Fisher and Paykel. I was moving home to the beach and needed a new set for the new house. So, since Mom loved her set, I bought mine. Well, I am not going to link to them, BECAUSE THEY SUCK!!! The washer was pretty fancy and it was run by a computer board. However, they put the computer board in the same compartment as the water drainage tank. YUP. So you can use your inferencing skills and figure out what happened. My computer board fried itself and it was going to cost close to $280 to replace it. Nope. Not going to happen. Especially when I can get a NEW washer for almost the same price. So, off to Sears I go. I found a great Kenmore and it even does my wash in 15 minutes! Whooo Hooo!! I spent the rest of the weekend catching up on my one million loads of laundry I needed to do. I haven't been able to wash clothes for almost two weeks now.

While I was browsing around in Sears last weekend, I found the deal of the century! I have a king size bed, so I don't often buy new sheets or even a new comforter for my room. I have had a thin silk cover on my bed for a while, but was looking to upgrade. I found this cutie patootie bed set from Ty Pennington. It was on clearance for $39.00! That included a king comforter, shams, sheets (300 count), and a dust ruffle. Zorro is in love with it. I can't get him off of the bed now!

My room is painted in Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware so the colors look great. It is very soft and cozy. And, Zorro approved. Zoe visits next weekend, so we will see!

That's about it.... we start state testing tomorrow and I am a nervous wreck. The review didn't go well with my kids today. I am just hoping that they had "Mondaitis." Say a prayer for my munchkins.. they are going to need it!

:) JKP

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