Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Teacher of the Year

Hey Y'all,

Sorry I took a mini vacay from the blog, but I had a "garden" injury and I couldn't type for a few days! Something either bit me, or scraped me, and since last Tuesday, my left hand has been double it's normal size. After various antibiotics, two that finally worked, and 1 tetnus shot later, I am on the mend!!!!!

Tonight we had our Teacher of the Year banquet for Horry County. Here's a pic of me and the babies!

My principal was kind enough to bring me some beautiful flowers to the banquet. I received a plaque from the school district and a bag full of goodies!

So, hopefully I can blog more tomorrow about all of the adventures I have been having. Besides dealing with my "garden" injury, I have had to purchase a new washer, which is a whole long story. But, since my left hand is not quite healed, I will post more when it is more comfie for me to type!

Later Gators!!

:) JKP

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