Monday, November 2, 2009

Face Lift....

Hey Y'all....

Well, I am at it again! You may notice that I am playing around with the look of the ol' blog lately... I found a really cute site that has some great backgrounds for blogs. The Cutest Blog on the Block is a great resource for all bloggers who want to make their blogs less template like and more like the authors of the blog. So hang tight and enjoy the changes!

We are all adjusting to the time change in our casa. Pitty Pat has been a handful and with this extra hour in the day he isn't quite sure what to do! Right now he is sleeping in the kitchen after an afternoon terrorizing Miss Zoe. Pitty Pat will be 8 months old this week! He is really growing up, but is still very much a puppy.

Halloween was quite a scream this year. Literally! Paddington had a ball barking at all of our trick or treaters. He must have sounded very menacing, because a few backed away from our door! I tried to tell them that he was safely barricaded in the kitchen, but some were doubtful. Paddington had a costume this year, Paddingtonstein. However, as you can see... all he really wanted to do was eat it.

Oh well... I am off to enjoy some How I Met Your Mother and Castle tonight. Later gators!

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