Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Begining To Look A Lot Like........

Hey Y'all!

Well, obviously one of my New Year's resolutions this year is going to involve me being a better blogger. I kind of slacked off, which is a shame, because I have so much going on! Pitty Pat turns nine months old this week! We are in the process of scouting out locations for the ol' Christmas card. He already has his UGLY sweater to wear!

I am really excited about this weekend too, my two best buddies are coming from Lexington to spend the weekend with me and shop away! Usually I make the trip up to Cola/Lexington, but this year the girls are coming to me! Paddington is going to stay with his granny for the weekend, so I am a free woman!

I really enjoyed my long Turkey Day break, I really had the Sunday blues last night. Only 14 more days until Christmas Break!

I have lots on the needles. I am finishing up a pair of socks and recently I have become obsessed with knitting hats! I am also jumping into mitten knitting as well. All of this is hysterical. I only need a hat and mittens for 1 day a year living at the beach! Our high was in the 70's today. I put up my Christmas tree yesterday wearing flip flops. Global warming for sure!

I leave you with two of my favorite photos of this year. While in Charleston setting up for the wedding, I got to hang out with my cousin Jordan (the bride) and our friend wedding planner and long time friend Kate. Kate just got a new dog named Mista Busta Brown. We had the best time hanging out with him. The other photo is of me becoming one with a slice of heaven... Andolini's Pizza. I was lucky enough to grab a slice when I was in Charleston for The Big Fat Lebanese Wedding. It was so yummy!


:) JKP

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