Friday, March 12, 2010

At Loose Ends...

Hey Y'all!

I can not believe that I have NOT posted all month! It has just been insane. I have a lot going on right now, (when don't I?) and I have also been going to bed REALLY early. So, not much time for blogging. But on the up side, lots of time for knitting! My college roomate had her baby a few weeks early, so I am trying to finish up his baby set. I am also considering opening a store on ETSY to sell my knitted baby wares. I get a lot of requests at work to buy my knits, and also from friends of friends, so I thought it might make sense to open a store on ETSY. There is always a demand for hand knit baby items, so I may give it a go! I am also looking at starting a line of hand knit christening gowns too. So as you can see, I have been pondering some things and working out logistics as well. I want to make sure if I do go ahead with the store on ETSY that I have my inventory built up, so that if I get a lot of orders I am not trying to knit and keep up with school work! I have a feeling that over spring break (in TWO weeks!) I will really sit down and think it all through. Also, if I go ahead with ETSY I am going to need a new digital camera for pics. See note below on actual digital camera.

Pitty Pat celebrated his first birthday last week with lots of fanfare. He got some new toys and had some doggie "ice cream." I have video of it all and will post it over the weekend. Somewhere along the line my digital camera has up and DIED, so no actual pictures. I still have my little cam corder, but hopefully this weekend I am going to upgrade to a FLIP camera, so that will make things a wee bit easier to see. I love the little $30 video camera I have, but alas, it also shoots video like a $30 camera too!

On the knitting front, I have lots on the needles. I have made 1/2 of a pair of mittens, which were a ball to knit. Hee, hee. Knitting humor. I am working on the baby set for college roomie's baby, and in case you missed it, Melynda over at French Press Knits has a new pattern for a Montebello Cowl. I have already bought the pattern on Ravelry and I am itching to get it on my needles. I am hoping I can steal away a few moments this weekend to get some knitting done for me.

Let me run... remember, you can always keep up with me on twitter!!!
:) JKP

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