Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mama's Got a New Camera!

Hey Y'all!

Well, we have had lots going in at Chez Barks A lot. I got a new digital camera last weekend! Also, I have officially wrapped up the school year. Friday was my last day with my kiddies. Since I am moving down to second grade next year, I had to move my ENTIRE classroom. So between my 22 third graders and about 30 fifth graders, my classroom was moved in about 20 minutes! I have to go back in to school tomorrow for a work/unpack day, and then I am DONE!!!! Woot, Woot!

I was hoping to spend my first day of vacation on the beach, but Cesar the CR-V has other ideas. His air conditioning stopped working yesterday. And, the heat index was 110. Not cool. Hee, hee... literally not cool! So it looks like I get to spend Tuesday getting Cesar fixed. The nice thing is that my best friend, Marie is coming for a visit on Wednesday. Yippee!!! So I have that to look forward to!

I have also been a busy bee getting my ETSY shop set up. I have decided to name my shop The Sea Purl.  Since I live at the beach and the purl is a stitch in knitting, I thought it was nice. I have the shop established, but I am still working on policies and adding merchandise. I have tons of stuff to add, but I want to make sure I have plenty of stock so I am not knitting like a mad woman. My business cards should be here this week. I will add them to the blog when they come in! Hence, that is why I had to have a new digital camera. Y'all have seen from previous posts that my pictures haven't been all that great, so it was time. I picked up or I should say Mom picked up (it was her donation to my business!, that and free baby gifts when she needs them!) a Kodak Easy Share M340 from Big Lots. So far I have been really happy with it. My first digital camera was a Fuji FinePix and it weighed about 5 pounds. The Kodak Easy Share is light and easy to use! Also, I like the software that comes with the camera... I can automatically integrate it with facebook!
Here's some pics that I have shot this week.....

Flowers from a student

An end of the year gift from Yankee Candle

Pitty Pat

Don't even think of messin' with my toy!

Hmm.... is there something I need to bark at?

As you can tell, Pitty Pat likes being a ham for the camera!!!! Well, I am off to go and sit at the beach for a while, and then on to some knitting.
:) JKP

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