Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dizzy Lizzy....

Hey Y'all,

Well from my post title, you can kinda tell what I have been up to! I returned from my assessment conference on Nov. 9, had a fantastic birthday on the 10th and a great weekend. However, on Sunday I woke up to a not nice feeling. The feeling was just like I was swirling in the ocean and all I could do was go with it. I tried to brave it out Sunday and even DROVE to work on Monday. Only to be turned around by my coworkers and sent home. I visited my doc who decided that a specialist in this sort of vertigo is going to be needed. Luckily, this specialist is one who I have seen before in Charleston and I really like her. I have been home from school for the past three days. I am still dizzy, but it is getting better. I did a "test" drive to Walgreen's today and I think I can make it to school tomorrow. I am hoping to go back to school tomorrow because 1) I miss my kiddies and 2) It is our annual Thanksgiving Luncheon and all of the parents attend and 3) I am running out of lesson plans from home!

Pitty Pat has been incredibly nice to me. He keeps bringing me his tennis balls and putting his nose on my nose. Saturday night I kind of had a funny feeling in my head.... and since the Hallmark Channel is running Christmas moves 24-7 right now, I decided to move my digital cable box from my living room into my bedroom so I could watch them in bed Saturday night. It turned out to be a good move. Because since I have been unable to really leave my bed for two days, at least I have had 600 channels of entertainment and my DVR!

If you are gearing up for your holiday shopping check out this website Woot..... they post a new deal everyday! I have a friend who scored a Flip camera with HD for about $69....that regularly runs about $249.... might be a good site to check out if you are a bargain hunter!
:) JKP

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