Saturday, January 8, 2011

Here We SNOW Again........

Hey Y'all,

Lookie loo at what is going on with our local weather next week.

We even got an email from our school district on Friday to "beware" of the winter weather. Now y'all know me, I have been tracking and reading the National Weather Service's forecast for days. This was no surprise for me! We are in wait and see mode this weekend.

The first week back to school after Christmas Break has been a long one. Pitty Pat is not happy that I have gone back to work, and my kiddies have been sick with strep throat and a yucky tummy bug. Guess which one hit me yesterday? The tummy bug of course! I went to the store last night for a few provisions and now I have hunkered down on my sofa to rest. I am feeling better today, just very tired. Pitty Pat is more than happy to lay on my tummy to make it feel better. Luckily my cable company is having a free preview of Showtime this weekend, so I am able to catch up on some movies in between me switching to the Weather Channel for the latest forecast.

I hope everyone is having a good 2011 so far!
:) JKP

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