Sunday, January 16, 2011

Slow and Steady

Hey Y'all!

Well, last week we did indeed have a "winter" event. Last Monday we were actually out of school for a "snow" day here in Myrtle Beach. However, all we really saw was freezing rain and ice. At one point Monday morning I had 4 different kinds of winter precipitation falling outside my house. Pitty Pat was under the sofa because he did not like the sound of sleet and freezing rain hitting the windows. But, all in all we had no accumulation and had a two hour delay for school the next day!

During our day off, I actually worked! I had an order for some baby hats from a family member that was placed at the end of last October. Well, I ended up going to a conference in November and then the dizzies hit, so I couldn't knit. Well, this past weekend I finished up her order and finally put it in the mail yesterday. You have seen these hats before on the blog, but these are for kiddies that are 3 and 4, so they are a bit larger. I am so glad I finished these up! They have been hanging over my head for a while!

This hat makes me think of flip flops and summer! Notice my new tablecloth... doesn't it just scream spring?! It is a left over from last summer. But somehow, it just chases away the winter blues!

Yummy yummy ice cream. This is a pattern that I actually created myself. It has been a big hit, even with my adult friends!

Also, here's a little peek at what I have been working on this weekend. I have declared this weekend "selfish knitting weekend." It has been a while since I knitted anything for myself and I needed a little positive reinforcement!

Whooooo do you see? Tune in later this long weekend to see him all finished!

I am off to run a few errands. Tuesday is a work day at school and I have a ton of centers to make. So I need a few office supplies to make that happen. When did cardstock become so expensive? Michael's has a deal this week, 2 packages for $5. I am so there!

Have a good Sunday!

:) JKP

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