Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back to the Land of Being Healthy!

Hey Y'all,

Well last Wednesday it hit me. The almighty Strep Throat. And. I thought I was dying. You know what they say about phone calls in the middle of the night? Well, sore throats are like that too. I tried to ignore what was happening and went on to school Wednesday. By Wednesday afternoon I had a 101 fever and couldn't swallow. I had to go another whole night before I could call my doc and get antibiotics. It was not fun. The only time I remember being so sick that I couldn't swallow was when I had my tonsils out 17 years ago. This was horrible. Luckily I am on day 4 of antibiotics and I am feeling like myself again!

Here's Pitty Pat and his sympathetic self. You can see he is taking FULL advantage of the 24 hour sleeping I was doing.Yes, that is a candy cane he is sleeping on. Right now, that is his favorite toy of choice.

The other thing that helped my quick recovery was BRUSTER'S! The day I had to get antibiotics they just happened to make a batch of Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream! Since my Bruster's is right by my Walgreens, I had to make a stop. This felt SOOOO good on my throat. And, made me think of summer! But mostly, I was just sooo happy to have something that I could actually swallow!

Before the almighty sickness invaded my body, I had been doing lots of quick knitting. Spring WAS in the air a few weeks ago (AND is rumored to return this week), so I have been knitting up some light spring scarves from my stash. On the right you can see the finished Owl Cowl. I still need to sew on the buttons. But. Ahem. I've been busy. :)

I've been knitting the spring scarves on size 17 needles and boy are they an instant gratification knit! I have another one I am working on right now that is purple AND sparkly. Yeah baby!

The Ceasar the CR-V drama is still unfolding. He is going to have to be traded. The scenario we have worked out is that Mom is going to visit next weekend. We are going to be trading Ceasar in for a new car for Mom and I am going to inherit her Kia. I went and test drove some cars for her yesterday, and why did I not know how much better Toyota drives than a Honda? I drove a Prius yesterday and LOVED it. I also have a crush on its 51 mpg's! So we will see what Mom likes and wants. I just want a car that does not cost $900 every month and a half for repair and won't stop in the middle of an intersection!

Anyhoo, I am off to enjoy the sunshine we are having today. Poor Pitty Pat, while I was sick, he didn't get his daily walks in. I am trying to make that up to him!
:) JKP

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