Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hey Y'all,

Well, after losing Zoe a few weeks ago, Pitty Pat and I have gone into hibernation. We have had about two days of sunshine in two weeks, so we have been taking it easy.

Last week was crazy and just awful. Ceasar the CR-V is acting up again and we have reached the point where it is no longer financially smart to keep him around. I am sad because I LOVE my car, just not the $900 maintenance problems he likes to give me. At this point I don't know if I am going to give him to Mom to trade in so she can get a new car and I will inherit her Kia or if I will trade him in and see what I end up with. Who knows. I just hope he keeps going long enough until we can get this sorted out. I went out today and scouted out a few options. I like to go on Sundays because all of the dealerships are closed and no one will bother you while you are looking!

I made a visit to MUSC last week to see about what could be causing my vertigo. The ENT staff was great and they ran some vestibular tests on me. Everything came back in the normal range, so they think that most likely the vertigo is related to migraine issues. I do have migraines and I never really thought that vertigo and migraines go together. But, apparently they do! They suggested that I go on a daily migraine medicine to maybe ward off the bad dizzy spells. I plan on checking in with my regular doc tomorrow to see what she recommends.

While I was out on Thursday, my class had a sub. To say that they were horrible would be putting it lightly. We had a big COME TO JESUS meeting on Friday. I even wrote 4 students up. And I never write students up! But, their behavior was really uncalled for. So I had no choice. I came home really disheartened on Friday and y'all.. I am wondering how much longer I can teach! But with the state of the economy, I don't really have much of a choice. Here's hoping once the sun comes back and the weather warms up, I will start to feel differently! 5 straight days of indoor recess can make you a bit looney.

Since Saturday (yesterday) was a cold, rainy day, I went back into school to get my room straightened up and to get ahead on some copying and organizing. I got a lot done and feel alot better about the next few weeks. We have 77 more days left in the school year. Dear God, I hope I make it!

While Pitty Pat and I have been in hibernation I have been knitting. LOTS! Nothing really, just some pretty and light spring scarves. I can usually knit one up in a night and it is nice to wear them to school. They remind me of what is to come! I will post some pics later on this week. I also have a new recipe for 1 serving Apple Crisp to share. This is a treat that will make you think of summer days and the beach.

I am off to get ready for tomorrow. It's supposed to rain. Again. I am so ready for spring.
:) JKP

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