Monday, November 14, 2011

Why Hello There.... Stranger!

Hey Y'all!

Sorry for the radio silence, but I have been BUSY! The first weekend in November I had a family wedding in Columbia, SC. I was very excited to go back to Columbia for the weekend! However, that meant Mr. Pitty Pat had to spend some time at doggie camp. The weekend was lots of fun and I even got to eat at some of my favorite restaurants! The wedding was fun and I got to spend time with BOTH of my uncles at the same time! There are pictures, but I was so busy having fun, I only took a few. Here's one with me and Mom before the rehearsal shindig! This was also Mom's birthday! For her present I used 1 skein of Art Yarns Litoral and made her a Litoral Shawl. She loved it and wore it most of the weekend!

I got the shawl pin from The Knit and Purl here at the beach. On Saturday, before the wedding, we went to the Carolina Craftsman Arts and Craft Fair. Oh. My. It was great to be back in a metropolitan city that knows how to put on a craft show!

This past week I celebrated a birthday and it was fantastic. I had a great evening out with some of my best girlfriends. We laughed and had some yummy drinks. So far, 39 is SUBLIME!

This past weekend my best friend Marie came for a visit and we did a pre Girls Weekend Christmas Palooza scope out shopping trip. The weekend was great and we actually did get some great deals! Does it seem like everyone is in the Christmas spirit early this year? On my way home from school today I saw two Christmas Tree lots getting ready for trees.

One bonus of the early holiday season is that the Hallmark Channel is running it's Countdown to Christmas movie marathon right now. There is nothing better I like to do right now than hunker down with a good Christmas movie and knit on some Christmas gifts. I also have some baby gifts to work on. I put the fire on (well, not tonight.. it is currently 70 degrees!), pour some egg nog and off I go!

This coming weekend I am planning on seeing Breaking Dawn with my close friends. We are planning on going to a matinee and then grabbing a late lunch. YAY!

Also, I have developed one new addiction since I have been silent! PINTEREST is so addicting! I have pinned some great things for knitting and cooking. Also just pictures of snow! AND... I have some ornament crafts that I can wait to try out for my Christmas tree this year. Here's a hint... cupcakes anyone?

And last but not least, I leave you with a picture of Pitty Pat. This was taken the night I got home from Columbia. My little buddy was very happy to be home and in my lap!

Well, let me run!
:) JKP

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